Sunday, April 8, 2012

Haul: ULTA (Again!)

Hey everyone! Yes, I did it again! I got my butt back to Ulta and I am so glad that I did! The first time I went for the 40% off sale, the majority of the NYX displays were empty. I didn't know that Ulta was going to restock their inventory but I was so happy that they did. Ulta didn't stock everything since there was still some empties but I am glad that I got almost everything that I needed (more like WANTED)! For those that didn't know, during April 1 - April 7, 2012, Ulta had a 40% off sale on NYX, Almay, and Revlon cosmetics! The sale is now over. I didn't buy anything from Almay because I already have a bunch of Almay products (that I am loving) and haven't finished up yet. I did want to get the Almay Smart Shade Perfect & Correct Primer but as of right now, I have so many face primers that I need to finish up first. Instead of buying any Almay products, I decided to just pick up a couple of Revlon and NYX products that I have been wanting to try out.

What I bought:
This is a really pretty shade. Sunset Peach a peachy shade with shimmers. It isn't that pigmented as you would see in the tube but it gives my lips a nice sheer wash of color.

I haven't tried this yet but I really do like the concept of having a blush, bronzer, and highlighter all together in one handy compact. I have really been into using highlighters so this is definitely a good product for me. I don't know why the shade is called "Pink Rose" because the blush is just pink. Its a gorgeous pink that I can't wait to wear on my cheeks. I never tried anything from the PhotoReady line before so this will be my first.

I actually wanted both Glow and BoHo Chic but they didn't have BoHo Chic in stock. I have never tried any of NYX cream blushes before and I have heard that these are pretty popular. Glow is a pretty shade. It is a bright, warm pink! It is really pigmented.

I bought two of these Soft Matte Lip Creams in my previous Ulta haul. I wasn't sure how I felt about these so I decided to buy another to help me decide. Yes, my logic is weird. LOL Anterp is a pretty coral shade. I think that its great for the Spring and the Summer.

I bought this for the jumbo eye pencil that I bought. I heard that most sharpeners didn't fit for the jumbo eye pencils so I didn't want to risk my chance and not get one, especially since it was on sale. When I got home, I found a sharpener that I bought a while back at Big Lots that might have the same size holes as the NYX one. I am going to try to sharpen my jumbo pencil in the Big Lots one and if it works, I am definitely returning the NYX sharpener.

I haven't tried this line of lip glosses yet but I am excited. I remember EmilyNoel83 raving about this shade in one of her videos so I knew I had to pick this one up. I don't know why NYX would name this "Beige" since its definitely not a beige shade. Its a pink shade and will probably work for many skin tones. Its pretty pigmented and moisturizing. I will post a review with swatches soon.

I am so excited that I finally got my hands on a jumbo eye pencil. I intentionally wanted the shade Milk but it was all sold out and there was only one Cottage Cheese left. Cottage Cheese is basically a shimmery, frosty white. I am going to be using this for the inner corners of my eyes and maybe on the waterline to make my eyes look more awake. I haven't tried this as an eyeshadow base but then again, my eye lids don't get oily so both powder and cream shadows tend to stay all day on my lids.

I wanted to pick up another blush from NYX because I heard that they were really good. I wasn't intentionally going to pick up this shade but the others that were left over were already similar to the blushes that I have at home in my collection. Some bloggers have mentioned that Pinched is a dupe to NARS Orgasm but I don't have the NARS blush so I can't say anything for sure. Pinched is a peachy pink with gold shimmer. There is definitely a lot of gold shimmer in this blush. I haven't tried it yet but hopefully, I won't end up looking like a disco ball whenever I do wear it. LOL

Well, I hope you all end up liking my Ulta haul! I can't wait to try out everything that I got! I am so excited to finally have gotten my hands on a couple more NYX products! I also bought some other products at Ulta a few weeks ago when Ulta was having their 21 Days Of Beauty sale. I bought this when they first had the sale on the first day. Ulta was selling the Too Faced Naked Eye Palette for $20USD plus tax instead of $36USD plus tax. I have always wanted one of these Too Faced palettes and am so glad that I finally got my hands on one. I have been seeing other people's hauls on this and that their palette came with a sample of the Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eye Primer but mines didn't for some reason, which is weird. I am guessing if the palette did come with a sample, then somebody either opened it and took the sample out or returned it back to Ulta but kept the sample for themselves. What do you guys think? I also bought the Biore Nourish Moisture Lotion SPF15. I have been buying moisturizers like crazy but so far, my favorite one is the Yes To Tomatoes Daily Balancing Moisturizer. Since the Yes To Moisturizer doesn't contain any SPF, I thought that the Biore one would be good to use for the summer. It was on clearance for $5USD plux tax. Hopefully it works out!

What do you think? Have you tried any of these products before? Let me know what you think!

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