Wednesday, April 11, 2012

NOTD: Dodger Blue (For Opening Day)

Hey everyone! So if you live in Southern California, then you would know that yesterday was Opening Day for the Dodgers! It was my first time going to an opening day game and it was pretty exciting! Since I had tickets to go, I wanted to show some support for the Dodgers by painting my nails blue! I didn't really have any blue polishes that were similar to Dodgers blue but I had one that was semi-similar.

I decided to wear Sally Hansen Hard As Nails 720 Sturdy Sapphire. I have to admit, I really dislike this polish. It is so sheer! It took me five coats to get the color opaque on my nails. With my first coat, it literally felt like I was just painting my nails with lightly blue tinted water. It was my first time using this polish and already you could see how much of it that I used up, which is crazy. It took a big amount of it for one use. On my ring fingers, I decided to use Sinful Colors 831 Hottie. It is a gorgeous sheer blue polish with blue, silver, pink, and green glitters. I think you can wear this polish by itself with just 2-3 coats because the glitters really apply smoothly. If you wear this polish as a glitter top coat, you would only need one coat to get your whole nail glittered! Also on my ring finger, I decided to use Sinful Colors Nail Art White to write the number "22" on both to support Kershaw since it was his first Opening Day pitching, which is huge! I sort of wish I did Eithier's number as well because it was his 30th birthday on Opening Day and of course, he scored a solo home run, which made a huge difference in the game! Dodgers won 2-1 so it was a pretty exciting game!

What I used on my nails:
- ORLY Top2Bottom
- Sally Hansen Hard As Nails in 720 Sturdy Sapphire
- Sinful Colors in 831 Hottie
- Sinful Colors Nail Art in White
- Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat

Did you go to the Opening Day for the Dodgers?
If you went, what did you think about the game?
What do you think about my NATM?

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  1. Guess who got nominated for an award!!! You did! =).. congrats! go to my blog for the details!

    1. LOL This is probably a bit late but thank you. I wish I had found out earlier but I just found out about your comment right now. But thank you and I really appreciate it!


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