Monday, April 30, 2012

Clearanced Walgreens Haul

Hey everyone! I don't know why I even went to Walgreens but I wanted to check out if they had any good deals going on. Well I didn't buy anything that was on sale but I did find a couple of items on clearance. Yay! If you know me, you know that I love buying things at discounts! I didn't get much because there wasn't that much left but I was lucky to get some stuff. Everything that I bought are nail polishes because I am a nail polish addict. LOL

What I bought:
- Wet N Wild ColorIcon Nail Polish in Diamond In The Rough
- Wet N Wild ColorIcon Nail Polish in Give Me A Price Quote
- Essie My Perfect Picks in Jazz & St. Lucia Lilac
- Essie My Perfect Picks in Real Simple & Very Cranberry

Everything was on clearance. Both the Wet N Wild nail polishes were $1USD plus tax each and the Essie mini duo sets were $2USD plus tax each. I was so excited that I found all of these on clearance. I have been wanting to try the Wet N Wild ColorIcon nail polishes ever since they came out but they were limited edition and long ago sold out. So that is all for my haul. I can't wait to try out these nail polishes!

Have you been to Walgreens lately?
What brand nail polishes do you like?
How do you feel about WnW and Essie nail polishes?

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