Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Haul: Bath & Body Works

Hey everyone! This haul is pretty old and I have been meaning to post it for a while but I just never had the time. I love BBW, especially their lotions because they have such great scents! I also bought a couple of candles as well but I didn't think it fit into a Health & Beauty post. Pretty much, all the products that were bought by me, were the travel size ones because I love how cute they look all small and travel-friendly. LOL

What I got:
Japanese Cherry Blossom Gift Set
This was actually a gift. This set comes with a shower gel, body mist, and a body lotion. All products in this set are full-size. I just love the bag that it comes with. Its pink with orange on the inside, which are definitely the colors that are in trend right now.

Be Enchanted Body Lotion (x3) & Be Enchanted Shower Gel
I love this scent! It is one of my favorite scents from BBW and I hope that they continue making this scent. Plus I just love the purple packaging and the picture on the actual products. If you haven't smelled Be Enchanted, definitely check it out the next time you go to a BBW store! These were all bought by me!

Pink Chiffon Body Lotion
This is another scent that I really like from BBW. If you are a girly girl, then you would probably love this scent. When I saw the pink packaging and the flowers, I was sold. I especially love the name of this scent. Everything about this is so girly!

Anti-Bacterial Moisturizing Hand Lotion (x2)
I bought two in different scents: White Citrus and Midnight Pomegrante. I bought these two mainly for my mom. She has really dry, cracked hands and since she sometimes uses hand santizers, I thought that these two would be perfect for her since they aren't as drying. These are also travel size so they are perfect for her to bring with her during the day.

So that is all for my haul. Sorry for posting this haul so late. Do you love to shop at BBW? What are your favorite products from BBW? How do you feel about Be Enchanted and Pink Chiffon?

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