Monday, April 30, 2012

Mini Collective Haul: Dollar Tree & Costco

Hey everyone! Yesterday was somewhat of a slow day so I decided to go check out Dollar Tree and see if they have anything good. Plus I wanted to buy some more glue sticks to make some more makeup organizers. I was supposed to buy some more foam boards but I forgot. LOL I was too busy trying to make sure that I got the glue sticks because the last couple of times I went, they were all sold out and a bunch of people were asking for them. Since this time that I went, they restocked, I made sure to grab two glue sticks packs. I also bought some nail art glitters. They had two different kinds, one looked like broken rocks and the other was bar glitters. I bought the last two bar glitters. It comes with red, orange, yellow, blue, silver, white, purple, and pink bar glitter all in cute mini bottles.

I also went to Costco, which wasn't that smart of me since it was a Sunday. If you have never been to a Costco before, it usually gets crazy hectic on Sunday because its an off day from work and they give out free samples. There were so many people and some of them were such butss. I don't know why people get so crazy over samples. It was just so hard to move around the store, especially when you are with your little brother. I was so worried that someone might accidently hit him with their cart. Even though I was worried, he was having the time of his life eating all the free samples that I was getting for him. LOL I did get irritated at one point where I was waiting to get a tuna sandwich for my brother. There were these two college girls (or older) who were at the free sample table as well. Every time the lady would put out more samples, those girls would just stand infront and grab all of them, stuff them into their mouths and grab some more. Don't you just get annoyed when people do that? I admit, I got somewhat irritated because there were other people behind them waiting in line but enough with that. I bought other stuff at Costco but the only thing beauty related was the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes. It comes with 4 refills (25 count each) and 2 travel refills (7 count each).

So that is all that I bought at both Dollar Tree and at Costco. It isn't much but its good enough for me for now. LOL I am really excited about the nail art glitters. I am planning on maybe mixing them all together. I also plan on using the silver bar glitter and making one similar to China Glaze Save Me. If you have any questions, please let me know!

Have you been to the Dollar Tree and/or Costco?
Have you tried making or customizing your own nail polishes?
What do you think about the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes?

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