Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Walgreens Haul Feat. Sinful Colors (2/18/12)

Hey everyone! Sorry if this haul is a couple of days late. If you didn't know Walgreens was having a sale last week on their Sinful Colors nail polishes (sorry this sale has now ended). Sinful Colors nail polishes are pretty good. I always try to pick up a couple whenever they are on sale. They are regularly priced for $1.99USD each plus tax but last week, they were $0.99USD each plus tax! Thats 50% off! Yay, if you know me, you know how much I love my sales! Plus I wanted to see if they had any candy on clearance because I have been craving chocolate these past few weeks. LOL Also, I wanted a certain color from Sinful Colors from one of their new collections. I was on the lookout for the shade, Bare. I went to about three different Walgreens and couldn't spot any of the new collections so I was a little bit disappointed but I couldn't leave empty-handed. LOL

What I bought:
I did find a couple of chocolates on sale! Yay! I have never tried any of these chocolates before but I have tried others by the same brand. I was lucky to find these box chocolates because they were the last ones left on the shelves. I bought Andes Creme de Menthe Cookies. I was so happy to find these because I love their regular mint chocolates and never knew that they had made mint cookies as well. These look so good on the box so I can't wait to give these a try! I also bought Gavarny Belgian Chocolates. I never had Belgian chocolates before and these are actually made from Belgium! I already opened these and ate a couple with my little brother. These are pretty good! I will definitely buy more as gifts, if I ever see them in stores again. Two more chocolates that I picked up are Ferrara Chocolate Milk Chocolate Orange. I have never tried these either but I know that Ferrara makes really good chocolate. I bought these to give to some of my family members. Hopefully they will like them. I like how these are round and when you open the wrapper up, they "bloom" and fall apart like orange slices.

I didn't really need these at the moment but I had RRs that were going to expire and I wanted to roll them. These were $5USD each plus tax and you get $5RR back. Since you get RRs back, its sort of like just paying tax for them. I will probably be giving these away to some of my family members since I don't get cold sores.

I got the one in Green Apple. I have never tried this one before and never knew that Chapstick had one in Green Apple. I bought this so try out since I love Chapsticks so much. Chapstick is my never fail lip balm. My favorites are Cherry and of course, Strawberry!

Last but least, what I came to Walgreens for, nail polishes! I didn't get that many. I went in mostly looking at Bare but I couldn't find that shade so I picked up a couple of others. The shades that I did end up buying are:
         - Nail Art in White
         - 830 Funky Glitter
         - 321 Forget Now
         - 1106 Cinderella
         - 930 I Miss You
         - 1102 Kissy

So thats all I bought on my trip to Walgreens! I don't think I went too crazy on this shopping trip. LOL I can't wait to out the nail polishes that I bought. The ones that I am really anxious to try from this haul is 830 Funky Glitter, 1106 Cinderella, 930 I Miss You and 1102 Kissy. I really like Sinful Colors nail polishes. They are really great and they are so inexpensive! If you haven't tried Sinful Colors nail polishes, then you should definitely give them a try! If any of you would like to see my complete Sinful Color nail polish collection, just let me know and I will do a post. Well I hope you all liked my haul!

Have you ever tried Sinul Colors nail polishes before? What is your favorite shade from their entire line? Did you take advantage of the sale last week and buy any Sinful Colors nail polishes? Which shades did you buy, if any?

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  1. I love your blog! I followed you! I would love it if you could check out my blog and follow me? http://camigmakeup4u2c.blogspot.com . Thanks so much.

    - Cami

    1. Oh my goodness! You have no idea how much hearing that means to me! I have been working so much on this blog and it really means a lot to hear you say that! Thank you for following me too! I will definitely check out your blog! In fact, I am going to check it (and follow it) right now! :D

  2. Ooh chocolates! First time I tried those "orange" chocolates last Holiday and it's cool how you gently smash or knock them on a hard surface before opening it to separate the slices...I just like smashing things. LOL.

    1. Haha! Yeah I sort of went crazy on the chocolates! Let's hope that I don't break out anytime soon from eating them. LOL I went to Walgreens again today and got some more too. It was so hard to resist because all the Valentine's stuff were 75% off!! LOL Remind me to stay away whenever you feel like smashing. Do you remember if they were any good or not?

  3. You got some great goodies, I love those chocolate oranges! They are delicious :) Beautiful nail polish colors as well, awesome haul!!

    1. Ooh I wish I had bought some more of those chocolate oranges then. Darn it! LOL I bought those for some of my cousins. Oh well, maybe next time! Thanks for the comment and I am glad to see that you like my haul! :D Please help me spread the word about my blog! I would really appreciate it! :D


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