Monday, February 6, 2012

Haul From A Lovely Friend (You Know Who You Are)

Hey everyone! Guess what I got some more goodies this week. This time I got it from a lovely friend and I am so lucky enough to have meet her! You know who you are, girl! LOL I actually got these products before I received my winning prizes from Gloria ♥. My friend found out that I was curious about Missha products and decided to give me some of the samples that she got from her purchase. She is so kind to give me these. I thought that she was just going to give me some Missha Perfect Cover B.B Cream samples but instead she surprised me with a bunch more goodies! Joan, if you are reading this, you are the sweetest friend ever and thank you again for everything!

What I got:
Missha Perfect B.B Deep Cleansing Oil
This is sort of like a makeup remover but made especially to remove B.B cream. It is a botanical deap cleansing oil for the removal of B.B creams. I guess B.B cream is a little hard to remove because this product is made especially for it. LOL I haven't used it yet. I have just been using my usual makeup removers. Once I do use this a few times, I will try to do a review on it.

Missha Perfect B.B Cream (x2)
Joan was generous enough to give me two different shades of samples. The shades that she gave me to try are No. 23 Natural Beige and No. 31 Golden Beige. No. 23 Natural Beige is the perfect shade for me! It matches my skin tone perfectly! I have only worn this three times and so far, I am loving it! It doesn't irritate my skin or anything. I am probably going to use this for now on instead of my usual foundations. I haven't tried the No. 31 Golden Beige one yet because I already fell in love with Natural Beige. LOL If you don't know what a B.B cream is, it is sort of like a foundation but lighter that orginated in Asia. It is said to help lighten the skin tone while reducing thr appearance of wrinkles and blemishes. Plus it has SPF42, which is great as well. I generally use one layer of this on my whole face and then add another layer onto where I have redness and blemishes.

Missha M B.B Boomer
I have tried this once so far and I think its sort of like a brightening primer for your B.B cream. It says that it makes your B.B cream last longer and gives your skin a brighter appearance with the pink pearl and soft afterfeel. You just apply this before you apply your B.B cream. Its very moisturizing and has the feel of a face moisturizer. I think that this is a great primer because I have tried using the B.B cream alone and it just doesn't have that same nice look.

Stila Illuminating Finishing Powder in Rose Gold
This is my first Stila product!! My friend said that this was her favorite highlighter. She bought this as her back-up before but I am guessing since she probably has hit pan on her first one, she decided to give her back-up to me. LOL You are too funny, girl! I have been using this as an all-over finishing powder over the B.B cream and it just gives my face that extra glow, which I am loving. It is pretty shimmery so I really need a light hand when using this.
Smashbox Fushion Soft Lights in Dusk
This is also my first Smashbox product! I have already tried an eye look with this because I love neutral shadows. Its not the most pigmented product and its somewhat awkard to have an eyeshadow brush in there in get the exact color but other than that, I still love it. Even though its hard to get the brush in there for the exact color, I do like how small and compact it is because it makes it so easy to bring with you during the day for any touch-ups.

AHA Brazilian Peel
At first I didn't really know what this was. I thought it was an actual needle with some kind of lotion inside but its actually a DIY professional strength treatment. LOL Its supposedly the first professional strength peel for at-home use. Its said to be safe and gentle but 5x stronger than than your typical low strength peels. I haven't tried this yet just because I am afraid that it might burn. LOL Yes, I know I am a scaredy cat. This brazilian peel is supposed to brighten, tone, firm, and smooth out your skin tone for a younger look.
Dermalogica Daily Defense Block SPF15
This is basically like a face moisturizer to use after washing your face. I haven't tried this yet or anything from the Dermalogica brand before. I am not sure if this sample is meant for females. It might be meant for males because on the back of the sample, it says to use after shaving, apply to your face, neck, ears, and the back of your neck so I am pretty sure that this is for the boys instead of for ladies. LOL
Dermalogica Intensive Eye Repair
I haven't tried this either but its basically an eye cream to reduce the look of prematurely-aged skin. You would just apply this onto the eye area and you can wear this alone or under your makeup.

Overall I love pretty much everything even the ones that I haven't tried yet. If you would like to see some swatches and/or reviews on a certain product, just comment below and I will try to do one! This month, I am especially loving the Missha B.B creams and now I know why everyone has been raving about Missha products. I thought I was never going to be able to get my hands on any Missha B.B creams and thought that I was just going to have to buy the Neutrogena one that has just recently come out but now I guess I don't have too. But I can't promise that for sure because I still want to try it out and compare it to the real orginal B.B creams. LOL Plus if there is a sale going on with the Neutrogena B.B cream then you know that I will be buying one because I love sales. LOL So thank you again Joan for everything. You are such a wonderful friend!! Love you, girl!

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