Wednesday, February 22, 2012

SPOTTED: New Sinful Colors Collections

Hey everyone! So this is my first SPOTTED post. I hope you all like it and find it semi-informative. LOL Guess what? I just came back from Walgreens a couple of minutes ago and saw some new displays for Sinful Colors nail polishes!! I wish they had these displays out when Sinful Colors were on sale for $0.99USD each plus tax last week. I guess Walgreens wanted to make more money so they kept it hidden until the sale was over. Urgh!

Okay enough with my rant. LOL I was so happy when I saw these displays. I didn't buy anything though because I was in a rush to get my brother home so he could get a chance to play the computer before his bedtime. LOL As you can see soon from my pictures, Sinful Colors came out with three new collections!! I can't wait to get a couple from each collection! The three new Sinful Colors collections are:
   - Cast Away
   - Shimmer Shamrock
   - Petal Pusher

The colors in this CAST AWAY collection are so pretty! They are perfect for the summer when you are just laying on the beach getting your tan on. LOL Sorry that I didn't get any close-ups, like I said I was in a rush. If you want any close-ups, just let me know and I will go back another day and do so! So I just wanted to let everyone know about this new collection, at least I think its new because I have never seen it before and it was with all the other new product displays. If its an old collection or if it came out a while ago, please let me know.

The next display that I spotted is the SHAMROCK SHIMMERS collection! This is perfect for St. Patick's day when you don't want to wear any article of green clothing. You can just paint your nails a gorgeous shade of green and still not get pinched, unless you want to get pinched. LOL I am not sure if the green in the far left is a re-promote but I will definitely check on that and give you guys an update. One color that I am really excited to get in my hands soon is the one that I took a close-up of. Its called 220 Green Ocean. It is a gorgeous green with different shades of green and blue glitters. It is so pretty. I wish my camera could capture how pretty it is!

The last display that I spotted is the PETAL PUSHER collection! The colors in this collection are so gorgeous, they are definitely right up my alley! They are so pretty for spring! So I just wanted to let everyone know about this new collection. I don't know if any of these are re-promotes of their old shades because I know that Sinful Colors tends to do that sometimes and its get annoying. Hopefully that is not the case for this collection. Plus whats different in this certain collection is that they have flower rings around the top. The rings are cute but if I buy any, I would probably just give the rings to my little nieces. LOL

Have you seen the new Cast Away collection by Sinful Colors? What about the Shamrock Shimmers and/or Petal Pusher collection? What colors are you most looking forward to? Which one would you want on your nails while tanning at the beach, avoiding getting pinched on St. Patick's Day and/or spending time in the spring?
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  1. Your blog is amazing! I just followed
    could you check mine out and maybe follow:)
    If you do then enter in my giveaway

    1. Thank you! That really means a lot to me, you have no idea! :D I will check out your blog and definitely enter your giveaway. LOL Also, if you have any certain posts that you would like me to do, please let me know and I will try!

  2. omg, the colors of these are so pretty, wish I could get my hands on them:)
    I love your blog, it's so nice and awesome.
    I'm now following it=)

    1. Oh thank you! You are too sweet! :D Thank you for following! Yeah the colors are really pretty. I also heard that there is another collection from Sinful Colors, called the "Heartbreaker" collection but I haven't seen it yet, which is weird since I am guessing that it was for Valentine's Day. Hopefully all the new collections will come to your stores soon! :D


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