Sunday, February 26, 2012

Target Haul (2.25.12)

Hey everyone! I have been seeing a lot of people's haul on Target showing a bunch of makeup on clearance that I couldn't take it anymore and had to go check it out myself. When I went, my Target hardly had any clearance makeup. I really wanted some Sonia Kashuk lipsticks that a lot of people have been spotting on sale. I missed out on that when I had the chance and I have been regretting it. Oh well, life moves on! LOL I didn't buy that much because I was trying to limit myself. I did buy a couple of packs of Dannon yogurt smoothies for my little brother.

What I did buy for myself:
This lip & eye palette is a limited edition palette. I think this palette is called "Prepping For The Party." I have never tried Sonia Kashuk before but I was always curious. I guess Sonia Kashuk is coming out with new products because a lot of people have been seeing products on clearance. I am guessing that they are getting rid of some products to make way for the new products. I haven't used this palette yet but I am loving the eyeshadows in it. I also like how it has a little book that slidesin and out of the palette that contains different looks using this palette. This palette comes with six eye shadows and six lip products. I can't wait to give this a try soon! This palette was orginally $19.99USD each plus tax but I bought it for $4.98USD plus tax!

I was lucky to find two Revlon nail polishes on clearance!! I bought 711 Smoky Canvas, which is a creamy taupe nail polish. I don't have any nail polishes similar to this shade so I was happy to find this. I also bought 925 Gold Coin, which is just basically a shimmer gold. I have a couple similar to this one so I don't know if I am going to keep it or give it away. Both are gorgeous shades! I bought both for $1.18USD each plus tax. They are originally $3.99USD each plus tax.

I found this in the dollar section located at the front of the store. It retails for $2.50USD plus tax. I bought this to hold my nail products in such as nail clippers, nail files, cotton swabs, cotton balls, nail art jewels and my nail stamping stuff. I love this. I might even go back and buy another one. Let me know if you would like to see a picture of this container holding all my nail stuff.

So that is all that I bought at Target this Saturday! I plan on going to another Target store to see if I would have better luck at finding clearance makeup. I plan on posting up more hauls from Target soon because I have a feeling that I will be buying more. LOL I also bought a Milani nail polish, which you can see in my first picture but I will be featuring it in another post because I bought a bunch of Milani nail polishes so I thought it would be better to just put them all in one post. LOL So I hope you all like my haul!

Have you been buying any makeup at Target lately? Did you have any luck and bought any makeup on clearance? Have you tried Sonia Kashuk before? Do you like Revlon nail polishes?

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