Sunday, February 26, 2012

RiteAid Haul (2.25.12)

Hey everyone! So if you didn't know this week at RiteAid, EcoTools brushes are BOGO FREE again! I am definitely surprised that this sale showed up again, especially so soon since they had the same sale a few weeks ago. Plus what really made me go to RiteAid is Revlon Cosmetics are 40% off!! I have been waiting for this sale because I have been wanting to buy some more Revlon Lip Butters and I didn't want to pay full price for them, especially since I plan on buying a lot of them! LOL Sadly my RiteAid store didn't even carry the Revlon Lip Butters, which was a huge disappointment since I must have looked so funny pretty much running over to the Revlon section and then suddenly had a huge sad face when I couldn't find them. Hopefully I will be able to find another RiteAid in my area that carries the Revlon Lip Butters.
Okay onto my actual haul:
This was on sale for BOGO FREE! It retails for $10.99USD plus tax. It comes with a blush brush, eye shading brush, eyeliner brush, lash & brow brush, concealer brush and a cosmetic bag that holds your brushes and has a zippered compartment to hold your makeup. The handles are made from bamboo, which most EcoTool brushes are made out of. The ferrules are made of recycled aluminum. The bristles are taklon and cruetly-free.

This was on sale for BOGO FREE. It retails for $9.99USD plus tax. I got this for free since I bought the other EcoTools brush set. It comes with a mineral powder brush, concealer brush, eye shading brush, baby kabuki and a cosmetic case. The brush handles are made out of bamboo as well. The ferrules are made out of recycled aluminum and the bristles are taklon as well.

This was on clearance. This trio is in 740 Fever. It was on clearance for $1.29USD plus tax. I haven't tried any of Rimmel eyeshadows in the packaging. I heard that they changed the formula. I have a bunch of Rimmel trios and quads in their old packaging. Also, in case you didn't know Walgreens is having a sale on Rimmel Cosmetics this week. All regularly priced Rimmel Cosmetics are 50% off at Walgreens!!

I was looking for Whimsical but couldn't find that one. I have been searching for that one. I heard that a lot of people have been spotting it at KMart but I don't have a KMart close to me so I would just have to wait until the other drugstores around me start carrying it. Since I couldn't find Whimsical, I found another one that attracted my eyes. It is 261 Sparkling. I don't know if this is a new shade because I have never seen it before but I found it with all the regular Revlon nail polishes. With the 40% off sale, I bought this for $2.99USD plus tax. Without the sale, it would be regularly priced at $4.99USD plus tax.

I bought this one in 010 Hot Pink. I have been wanting this one ever since I got a sample of it in my Target bag last year. With the sale, I happily scooped it up into my basket. With the 40% off sale, it is $4.49USD plus tax and without it would be $7.49USD plus tax.

This quad is their newer packaging. I haven't tried it yet so I don't know if their quality and/or formula is any different. I bought this quad in 505 Decadent, which is basically a neutral quad. I love my neutrals so I just had to get one! With the 40% off, this quad was $4.49USD plus tax. If you bought it regular priced, it would be $7.49USD plus tax.

Oh my goodness! I have been wanting this lipsticks for months now but it was never on sale until now! I bought this in the shade, 07 Soft Nude. With the 40% off sale, I just couldn't pass it up. It was the last one in the Revlon section too. I bought it for $5.39USD plus tax, which I have to admit is the first time where I actually paid over $5USD for a drugstore lipstick. It hurt me! LOL I almost wasn't going to buy it but then I remember that I have never seen Soft Nude go for any cheaper so I bit the bullet and bought it anyways. Regularly priced, this is $8.99USD plus tax, which would have hurt me even more.

I bought this for my mom. Her feet are really cracked and dry so I thought that this might help her get soft and smooth feet again. I have never tried these kind of things before so it would be interesting to see my mom use it. Hopefully it works! With the 40% off, it was $5.99USD plus tax and if I had bought it for regular price, it would be $9.99USD plus tax. Plus it came with a bonus, so that was even more of a better deal.

This was on clearance as well. It is in 230 Skinny Jeans. I wasn't going to buy this because I remember seeing this exact design on clearance at CVS a couple of months back and I didn't buy it back then as well because I wasn't in love with the design. Since I had a coupon for a dollar off and this was on clearance for $2.44USD plus tax, I bought it anyways to try out. With the coupon, it only cost me $1.44USD plus tax, which is a great deal! I can't wait for the stores to start clearancing the Valentine's designs because I have been wanting those since they are so cute!

I bought this because it was on sale for a dollar and I had a dollar off coupon so I basically got this for FREE! Yay! I love getting freebies with coupons! The coupon that I used was in the Sunday newspaper a couple of weeks back.

So that is all I bought at RiteAid. Everything cost me $39.40 with tax included and I did end up getting a lot and saving way much more money. But I have got to be honest that it really did hurt, having to pay that much for drugstore makeup even with the great sales. LOL Oh by the way, I also got back $6 in UP Rewards. If you buy $20USD worth of Revlon products, you get back $6UP Rewards. So essentually, I spent $33.40USD, which still hurts but oh well. I am pretty sure that I will love everything!

Have you been to RiteAid this week? Are you taken advantage of the BOGO FREE on EcoTools Brushes and 40% off on Revlon Cosmetics? What do you think about the products that I bought? Have you ever tried the Revlon Pedi-Expert before?

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