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Review & Swatches: Laura Geller Baby Cakes Baked To Go Palette

Hey everyone! I have been so proactive these past few days so I thought since I have been on a kick, I might as well get this post typed up as well. Plus I don't know if this palette is limited edition or not but just in case, I want to get this post up with all the swatches as soon as possible. In case you guys didn't know, I don't have that many Laura Geller products but the ones that I have, I really like. So I was very happy when I got this as a gift. If you would like to see the other gift that I received, you can CLICK HERE. And no, I didn't receive this gift from the company's PR.

Okay, lets move onto the Laura Geller Baby Cakes Baked To Go Palette. It is an Ulta exclusive so you will only be able to buy this from or from Ulta stores. In my opinion, I think its a nice palette that you can bring with you on travels or short vacations since it has pretty much everything that you need for a done face. It also comes with a mini travel size brush. I didn't really use the brush because I actually prefer to use my own face brushes. This palette comes with:
◊ Balance-N-Brighten Foundation "Medium"
◊ Blush-N-Brighten "Pink Buttercream"
◊ Bronze-N-Brighten "Medium"
◊ Baked Marble Eyeshadow "Rome/Milan"

I actually already have two full size compacts of the Laura Geller Balance-N-Brighten Foundation "Medium" so I didn't really use the one in this palette that much since I didn't want to mess up the dome shape. LOL I'm actually thinking about selling one of the foundations since I don't think I really need two since I haven't even hit pan on the first one. What do you guys think? Should I sell one or just keep it as a back-up? For me, I can never use this foundation alone because I have so many blemishes on my face that I feel like this foundation can't cover up completely. I still think its a great foundation, especially for those who have flawless skin. Its a good foundation to use whenever you don't have enough time to apply your liquid foundation or when you just want something thats quick. Since I don't use this foundation by itself, I do like using it as a setting powder to set my liquid foundations when I feel like I need that extra coverage. If you want to see a review and swatches on this, you can CLICK HERE.

Okay, onto the blush! Can I just say how much I love this blush! It is just the perfect color for my cheeks and brightens up my whole face. Thats probably why Laura Geller called it "Blush-N-Brighten" duh! LOL According to Laura Geller's website, "Pink Buttercream is the perfect petal hue swirled with copper and gold flecks. It leaves cheeks rosy and glowing." All I know is that I would totally buy the full size of this blush! I would probably end up wearing it everyday and thats how much I love it. If you are not a fan of shimmery blushes, you might not like this but come on, look at that gorgeous color!

This was actually my first time trying out a bronzer from Laura Geller. I have heard lot of great things about her bronzers, especially her baked body bronzer. According to Laura Geller, "Bronze-N-Brighten corrects unevenness and helps you achieve a flawless-looking, radiant complexion. A soft powder designed to provide a beautiful, lightly-toasted finish with a matte glow." I really like how this bronzer looks on my skin because it looks so natural. If you haven't tried this bronzer before, you should give this a try.

Now let's talk about the baked marble eyeshadow in Rome/Milan! I don't really have that much experience with baked eyeshadows so I am not going to see too much about this, except that I really love the colors included in this palette. My favorite out of the two would definitely have to be Milan! Its just a gorgeous outer corner shade when its intensified or you can sheer it out and wear it all over the lid.

I actually don't remember the exact price of this palette but I think it was $42 plus tax or somewhere under $49 plus tax. I know that some of you might think thats pretty pricey for this palette since none of the products are full size but there are a ton of great products in this palette like the blush, my favorite! Plus these products will last you a while since they are all pigmented and you only need to apply a little. If you have this product, definitely let me know what you think because I would love to hear your opinions!

Have you tried any Laura Geller products?
If you have this palette, what do you think about it?
Don't you guys just agree how gorgeous Pink Buttercream is?

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  1. I was considering purchasing this set because it's so cute and conveniently packaged together but it's one of those "want" but don't need situation. I guess because I already have similar colors in my stash. I might get it if it goes on sale or I can find it for cheaper.

    1. If it does go on sale, I might consider buying one for an extra back-up of the blush becasue I love it so much. LOL

  2. It is on sale today only at Ulta for $15!

  3. I bought this at Marshalls today for $9.99. Crazy that this was $42!


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