Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Haul: OPI The Amazing SpiderMan Nail Polish Set

Hey everyone! I just came back from shopping and wanted to show you guys my haul. This is from a couple of days ago when I was awarded enough points for $3 off any product at Ulta. I didn't really know what I wanted so I thought I might as well go in and see what they had since the points were going to expire. The Ulta store that I went to was one that I rarely shop at because its a bit far from me. Plus they don't really have a lot of clearance items but the time that I went, I hit the jackpot! They actually had a ton of nail polishes and some Ulta holiday sets on clearance too. None of the individual polishes interested me that much so I decided to look at some of the sets and I found one that interested me.

The set that caught my eyes was the OPI The Amazing SpiderMan Nail Polish Set. This set was limited edition and came out a few months ago. It includes four mini OPI polishes in the shades:
  • Into the Night - shimmery midnight blue
  • Number One Nemesis - shimmery metallic green
  • Just Spotted the Lizard - yellow green duochrome
  • Your Web or Mine? - frosty pink
I actually haven't tried any of these polishes yet but I have seen swatches online and they all look like gorgeous shades. The one that I am most interested to wear would probably have to be "Just Spotted the Lizard" because I don't think I have anything like it in my collection. It is considered a dupe for Chanel "Peridot" but I heard that "Just Spotted the Lizard" was more easy to work with. The only polish that I can think of that comes a little bit close would probably be Hard Candy "Beetle" but its not a dupe.

Did you get your hands on this set when it first came out?
Which polish would you be most excited to try out?

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  1. I bought this set earlier last year at winners for 13$ :) Though I really only got it for "Just spotted a lizard", which as you mentioned, is the dupe for that famous peridot from Chanel.
    Into the night is pretty special but the other colors I find have formula issues, the pink one is crazy streaky and the blue one is crazy sheer!
    But 2/4 for 13$ is alright :)

    1. Yeah thats not that bad but I'm glad that I found this set on clearance! LOL

    2. oh ho ho, you paid less than me? :D you go girl!

  2. I saw some pretty swatches of Into the Night. I probably will need the full size bottle of that one. I don't know if you noticed but it's not labeled correctly on the picture.

    1. Yeah Into The Night is a really pretty shade. Thanks for the heads up on the picture. I just fixed it.

  3. The only two of this collection I am interested in is Just Spotted the Lizard and Into The Night. It's awesome that you were able to get it for $3 off.


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