Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sallys Beauty Haul

Hey everyone! A while back, Sallys Beauty had a great sale and of course, you know with sales that I had to check it out to see if they had anything good. I haven't been to a Sallys Beauty in a while and since the employees at my local one are sort of rude, I decided to check out another one further away. I am so glad that I did because the employees there were so nice! They bought out a box for me and took out all the nail polishes to see if I was interested in any since they weren't done bringing everything out. They were just really friendly and we had a great time going through everything.

Of course, whenever Sallys has their sales, I always end up buying nail polishes because you can get high-end polishes for great prices. I only walked out with three items and one of them is either for a friend or a future giveaway on my blog. I am not sure yet. I actually have a bunch of products saved for a future blog giveaway so make sure to follow my blog, if you are interested.

Orly The Original French Manicure Neon FX Kit
I think this set came out a while back because the box that it came in was pretty beat up but I didn't care. I have been meaning to pick up some Orly polishes to try out for a while now since I have been hearing so many great things about them. I actually only have one Orly product in my whole collection (before this purchase) and that was my Orly Top2Bottom polish. I actually only paid about $2 plus tax for this kit! It actually comes with three polishes, white tip guides, and a look book with tutorials. The polishes that came with this kit are two polishes in "White Tips" and "Oh Cabana Boy" and the Top2Bottom Basecoat & Topcoat All-In-One. Its basically a complete kit for salon results at home.

ColorClub Winter Affair Set (X2) 
This is actually my first time buying ColorClub polishes. I have always heard and seen people haul tons of polishes from this brand and am finally glad that I got a set to try out. I actually don't remember how much I paid for this set but I do remember that it was a worth it purchase. I actually think this set came out either last holiday or in 2011 but I am not sure. What surprised me about this set was that the polishes claim to be scented, which will be fun to try out. It comes with four mini polishes so its a great set for me since I get to try out different shades from this brand. I actually don't know the shades of these polishes since the minis don't have name stickers on them and it didn't say on the actual packaging that they came in but I can find out, if you are curious. This set comes with 2 shimmery polishes, 1 shimmery duo-chrome, and a flakie top coat. The flakie top coat actually reminds me a bit of China Glaze "Luxe & Lush" from the Hunger Games collection. Let me know if you guys think so as well.

So that is all that I bought from Sallys Beauty! I actually can't wait to try out both sets, especially the Orly kit because it looks like a great kit for doing french manicures. Plus the look book that it came with has some nice tutorials for creating other nail looks as well s that might be interesting. I don't know if I am going to do a post with swatches on these since they were limited edition sets that came out a while back and would probably be hard to get a hold of now. Let me know what you guys think. I actually hope that Sallys has this sale again soon because I would love to buy more nail polish sets since they are so great to try out.

Have you ever shopped at Sallys Beauty before?
Have you ever tried either Orly or ColorClub polishes?

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  1. Awesome haul! Those color club polishes are way too pretty!

  2. I sometimes buy way too much at Sally's.That friggin' Beauty Club card seems to give me a license to shop,lol!

    1. LOL I should probably sign up their beauty card..


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