Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lisa's Ulta Haul (Feat. NYX & Revlon)

Hey everyone! I am not sure if you knew but Ulta had 40% off on NYX, Revlon, Physicians Formula, and Almay last week. I am a bit sad that the sale is now over because I wouldn't mind getting a couple more items. I actually went there two times because the first time I went, they were pretty much out of stock with a lot of products since I went to the sale pretty late. The first brand that always seems to go fast is NYX. Whenever I go during their sale, the NYX displays are always full of people in the aisles. I know that whenever I go and they are out of stock, I make a remainder to go back again in a few days because my Ulta store always restocks mid week. So happy that my second trip went better than my first.

What I bought:
◊ NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss "160 Tea Rose"
I love these mega shine lip glosses! Right now, I have 3 in my collection but this is my fourth. If I could all the shades that they have, I definitely would. Plus I would have so much fun wearing them and swatching them (life of a beauty blogger). Yes I do like swatching makeup! LOL I really like how these feel on my lips and they smell pretty good. I have heard some people say that these taste good but I never know what they are talking about. I don't really taste anything. Tea Rose is a gorgeous neutral pink, which is perfect for the Spring.

◊ NYX Illuminator "02 Chaotic"
Before I bought this, I looked for reviews on this but there aren't any. Its weird, when I was at the store swatching it and looking at in the tester pan, it looked pink but when I got home, the one that I got is a peach with a ton of shimmer. I don't know if they put the labels on wrong or what but I am going to go back and check it out again. This is the first time that I tried out an illuminator from NYX and I really like it. The one that I really wanted was a pink that looked like a nice blush and highlighter on my skintone but the one that I bought home is too sheer to be used as a blush. I have really been liking this as a blush topper and a highlight for the top of my cheekbones. I will be posting up a review with swatches on this soon.

◊ NYX Mosaic Powder "09 Paradise"
This was the last one in the display and there wasn't a tester. I never tried a mosaic powder before but since it was the last one, I figured that I might as well give it a try. Mines does have a bit of a dent in it but it was the last one so I bought it anyway. It looks pretty interesting because it has five shades of pink in one pan. I am assuming that you can use each of them on their own or swirl your brush in all five shades. Its pretty much like getting 6 blushes for the price of one.
◊ NYX Mosaic Powder "06 Rosey"
This was also one of the last items at my Ulta. Since it looked like a pretty popular product, I decided to buy it. Usually I don't buy things on a whim before I check out the swatches but I figured I might as well give it a try. Plus the shades look really pretty. I will probably end up using all the shades together since it looks like it will be hard to get a brush and only get one shade. I can't wait to try this soon. Once I try it out, I will post up swatches.

◊ NYX Powder Blush "Dusty Rose"
Whenever Ulta has this sale, I always make sure to pick up a blush. My first trip to Ulta wasn't very successful since all the blushes were sold out,except for the ones that I already had. Good thing with my second trip, I was able to pick up one blush that I didn't have. I was happy when I saw this because it was on my list of products to buy. I checked up swatches online before and it looked really pretty so I can't wait to wear it!

◊ Revlon Lip Butters "Sorbet" & "Wild Watermelon"
Yay! I am so happy that I was about to get some new shades for 40% off and with coupons! I didn't think I was going to find these since they were sold out the first time but I made sure to look in all the containers (that they have at the entrance of the store) and there they were, just hiding there. I don't if someone was trying to hide them since they were with a bunch of eyeshadows. I love these Revlon lip butters. They are so moisturizing and pigmented. Some shades are sheer though but my favorite ones are pigmented and only need one to two coats. These are such gorgeous shades and perfect for the Summer!

So those are all the goodies that I picked up!! I am so happy to have two of the four new shades for the Revlon Lip Butters. I'll probably just end up buying the other two shades from Target or CVS. Hopefully I will be able to get a good deal with those two as well. I was so lucky enough to get a bunch of samples with my second purchase! They are all fragrances since thats all that they had, which I was happy with because I love getting perfume samples.

I actually can't wait to try out all of these products, especially the blushes since I am a blush addict. Let me know if you are the same too! It will be nice to know that I am not the only one with the problem. LOL

Did you take advantage of the 40% off sale?
Have you tried any of these products before?

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  1. Nice haul! I missed out on the sale...Uhhhh! I guess that will be for next time. You got some nice perfume samples too. Looking forward to the Illuminator review.

    1. Aww that sucks that you missed out on the sale but they will have it again. I think they have it twice a year or it could be once each year since they had the same sale last year. I will be doing the illuminator review soon.

  2. You got so many pretty things!! Can not wait for the illuminater review!!
    Ps- You have such a cute blog dear!!

    1. Thanks, you are sweet! I will definitely be posting up the illuminator review soon.


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