Monday, April 22, 2013

Haul : Almay Mascaras

Hey everyone! I just got back from Walgreens and of course had to bring back some goodies home with me. I had a manufacturer coupon for $5/2 Almay products! In my opinion, that is definitely a high value coupon. Usually for makeup, you would just see $1/1 coupons so I knew that I had to use the $5/2 coupon. I didn't really know what I wanted from Almay. I was thinking about buying some eyeshadows but since I realized how big my eyeshadow collection is, I decided that I should get something else. It took me a while to realize what I wanted so I just decided to go with a product that I have been wanting to try for months.

Almay Get Up & Grow Mascara
I have been wanting to try this mascara for the longest! I don't know why I never bought it before. It could be because I have so many unopened mascaras in my collection right now that its ridiculous how many I have but since I had a really good coupon for it, I decided to buy it. According to the packaging, this mascara claims to give you "visibly longer, stronger lashes." I have been hearing so much about this mascara, especially from EmilyNoel83 in her videos. Hopefully, it will work out for my short Asian lashes. I can't wait to try this but as of right now, I have so many other mascaras in my collection that I need to use first. This mascara was $8.99 plus tax.

Almay Triple Effect Mascara
I think this is a new mascara that Almay recently came out a few months ago. I am not sure but when I bought it, it was on a display with all the other new products in the front of the store. This mascara was actually $8.99 plus tax but it rang up as $9.99 plus tax. Good think that I caught it before I turned on my car. I had to go back in and get some of my money back. It took such a long time for them to figure out how to correct the transaction. At the end, I got my money back so I am happy. According to the packaging, this mascara claims to give you "fuller, longer, and curvier lashes." I just bought this mascara on a whim. I haven't heard anything about it so hopefully it will work out.

So that is all that I bought on my Walgreens haul. I actually can't wait to try out these mascaras but they are going to the back of my collection until I try the other mascaras that I bought before. If you have tried out these other mascaras, definitely let me know! I was actually a little worried that I wasn't going to post up this haul since I had some trouble finding one of the mascaras. I was freaking out that maybe the cashier accidently didn't put it in my bag but turns out it was just under my car seat. Whew!

Have you ever tried any of these mascaras before?
Do you have a huge collection of mascaras?

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