Saturday, April 13, 2013

EOTD: Naturally Purple

Hey everyone! I know, I know! You are probably thinking, "What is up with all these natural eye look?" LOL Well, what can I say? I love wearing natural eye looks that I can wear everywhere and everyday. I mean I know I love all those crazy, out there eye looks that other people create but lets be honest, nobody goes around all day with those unless its for Halloween or for parties. Maybe someday I will have enough courage and experience with makeup to come up with my own colorful eye looks. If I ever do, you guys will be the first ones to see them!

◊ LORAC Behind The Scenes Eye Primer
◊ LORAC Eyeshadow "Nude"
◊ LORAC Eyeshadow "Mauve"
◊ LORAC Eyeshadow "Deep Purple"
◊ LORAC Eyeshadow "Cream" + "Light Pink"
◊ PHYSICIANS FORMULA Eyeliner "Purple"
◊ ULTA Kohl Eye Pencil "Halo"
◊ MARY KAY Ultimate Mascara "Black"
◊ MAYBELLINE The Falsies Volum' Express Mascara "Black Drama"
◊ ELF STUDIO Eyebrow Kit "Dark"
◊ ELF Eye Shadow Brush
◊ ECOTOOLS Small Blending Brush
◊ LONDON SOHO Blending Brush
◊ REVLON Lash Curler
  1. First and foremost, I primed my eyes with LORAC Behind The Scenes Eye Primer and blended the primer with my fingers.
  2. For this whole eye look, I used all the shadows from my LORAC Pro palette. First I grabbed my ELF Eye Shadow Brush to apply LORAC Eyeshadow "Nude" onto the inner corners of my lids. As you can see, I tend to apply Nude onto my inner corners because I just love it so much and it really brightens up my eyes.
  3. Using my ECOTOOLS Small Blending Brush, I tapped my brush lightly in LORAC Eyeshadow "Mauve" to blend into my crease.
  4. Once that was blended to my liking, I used the same brush to apply LORAC Eyeshadow "Deep Purple" on the outer corners of my lids and blended upward.
  5. For my brow bone highlight, I applied both LORAC Eyeshadow "Cream" and "Light Pink" for my perfect highlight shade.
  6. I also lined my upper lash line with PHYSICIANS FORMULA Eyeliner "Purple" and used ULTA Kohl Eye Pencil "Halo" on the inner rim of my eyes.
  7. I then curled my lashes with my REVLON Lash Curler and applied MARY KAY Ultimate Mascara "Black" onto my top lashes with MAYBELLINE The Falsies Volum' Express Mascara "Black Drama" for my lower lashes.
  8. Next up were my brows so I used my ELF STUDIO Eyebrow Kit "Dark" to define my brows and voila, my eyes are done!!
So those are all the products that I used! I love how the purple actually compliments my brown eyes and brings them out a bit! This is such a great Spring look because I always envision colors like purple for Spring. Plus I think its a great eye look to wear all year around.

How do you feel about my soft purple eye look?
Do you love wearing purple shadows?

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  1. Looks great, though I don't like purple on myself, I don't know, it just always end up looking a little too much.
    But yea, yours is very sweet and natural.

    1. LOL Thanks! I am sure that you look great with purple eye shadows. If you feel like purple is too much, you can always try the lighter shades of purple, which is what I always do whenever I wear purple eye shadow.


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