Friday, April 12, 2013

Spotted: Wet N Wild LE Color Icon Eyeshadow Medley Sets

Hey everyone! Here is a display that I recently spotted at my Walgreens. I actually went in searching for the Wet N Wild Spring Forward 8-pan palettes but still no luck. Hopefully my store will start carrying the display soon. Even though I didn't spot the Spring Forward palettes, I did however spot a new display from Wet N Wild. Wet N Wild also released different limited edition palettes in sets with their MegaLiner Liquid Liners. Each set is only $4.99 plus tax, which isn't that bad. So far, I haven't seen swatches on these yet so I didn't pick any up. They do look like great spring palettes from Wet N Wild but we shall see if they compare to the quality of the 8 pan palettes.

According to the packaging (for the Color Icon Eyeshadw Medley palettes), "Your eyes are a symphony - its tones and movements express deep emotions and thoughts. But the harmonies have to match to show the true brilliance of the composer. With our tips and this shadow medley of 3 shimmer overcoats, 3 pearl powders, and 2 matte definers, make up your next major composition!"

These palettes actually look quite interesting because they are very different from the usual 8-pan palettes from Wet N Wild. As you can see in the first row, there are three different shades all in one pan. Those three are supposed to be shimmer overcoats for the brow bone. In the middle row, there are three different shadows which are pearl powders for the eyelids. Last but not least are the last two in the bottom row, which are matte definers for the eye line.
According to the packaging (for the MegaLiner Liquid Liners), "Be the girl with the eyes. Crate dramatic eye emphasis in a single stroke. This longwearing, quick-drying formula applies smoothly and evenly for instantly bigger and bolder eyes."

As far as I know, both liners in each set are black. I actually never tried their MegaLiner Liquid Liners before but I have heard some mixed reviews about them. If you have been meaning to try the liners, I actually think this set is a good deal because you get both the liner and the palette for only $4.99 plus tax. If you guys have tried these liners before, definitely let me know what you guys think about them and whether you like them or not.

Have you spotted these at your store yet?
Would you get these sets?

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  1. Im def. going to go purchase this and try it out.

  2. I miss going to the drugstore! Hopefully someone will post swatches and review of these.


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