Sunday, February 24, 2013

Spotted: Sinful Colors Matte Effects

Hey everyone! I finally had the chance to stop by a RiteAid a few days ago. I actually wanted to go for the 40% off sale last week but forgot that stores in the LA region ends their sale on Thurdays and the new weekly ads start on Fridays. I went on a Friday and found out that the sale was already over. Darn. Hopefully they will have that sale again because it was such a great deal. Definitely let me know if you guys were lucky and took advantage of the sale last week. Well while I was there, I spotted some new Sinful Colors displays that I haven't seen at my Walgreens store yet. The first one that I saw was the Sinful Colors Matte Effects collection. This is a new collection from Sinful Colors containing all matte shades!! If you are a fan of matte finishes on your nails then I would highly recommend you go and check this collection out. There are currently eight polishes in this collection and they each run for $1.99 each plus tax.

Have you seen this new collection yet?
Do you like polishes with matte finishes?
Would you buy from this collection?

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  1. Matte isn't usually the type of finish I gravitate to. Beside, you could always use a matte topcoat to make any color matte. You guys seem to always get the new stuff first.

    1. Yeah thats what I usually do whenever I want a matte finish. I just grab my matte top coats. I don't know about getting new products first. I think the products that I don't really need or want, I seem to get first but when it comes to new products that I really want takes forever to get stocked on the shelves in my stores.


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