Monday, February 11, 2013

My Online Forever21 Haul

Hey everyone! Yes I did again! I bought more items from the additional 50% off sale. I couldn't help myself. It was just too good of a deal to pass up. I just love it when they have this sale because its when I can go "crazy" at Forever21 without having to worry too much about the hurt in my wallet. I am sure some of you know what I mean and probably feel the same way too. One thing that I do admit is that I didn't buy too much clothing online because I hate not being able to try on the clothing and seeing the fit.

What I bought:
Mint Scarf
I am so happy that I bought this but I am loving the color. Sorry that I can't remember the price for this scarf. I had already worn it and I had forgotten to keep the price tag. Its a gorgeous mint color and I bought this to wear whenever I am wearing a bit in clothing and wearing all black. I love having this as a pop of color for my outfit.

Navy Leggings (Reg 6.50, on sale $2.99, paid $1.50)
I didn't actually need these but I love leggings! They are so comfortable to wear and super easy to put on. LOL Plus they were super inexpensive so I had to get them. Since they are a bit on the thick side, these will probably keep my legs warm when I wear them with a long sweater or with a dress.

Dark Grey Ballet Tights (Reg $6.50, on sale $2.99, paid $1.50)
I bought these because I think that these would be great to wear with a dress. I don't like showing bare legs with dresses in the winter because its too cold so I either pair the dress with leggings or tights. Since these are ballet style, I can wear them with peep toe heels and/or wedges.

Heather Grey Sequined Top (Reg $17.50, paid $3.50)
When I saw this online, I actually thought that the sequins was lace. Darn! I should have read the description but my sister was rushing me since we made an order together so we didn't have to pay shipping. LOL I do still like the look of this but wish that they had added more fabric underneath the sequins becase whenever I wear it, I can feel the sequins poking into my shoulders.

Pink & Gold Bracelet (Reg $5.80, paid $1.00)
These two bracelets are so pretty! I just love how the pink and gold look together! I think these two bracelets can really pull an outfit together. I just love them so much. I am a bit worried that the pink stones might fall out but hopefully they won't.

Studded Black Flats
These flats are so darn cute! They have really big gold studs on them. I think they had black and silver studs as well but I bought the one with gold because I need to incorporate more gold into my outfits. These are a bit on the small side but hopefully they will stretch out a bit after constant wearing.

So that's everything that I bought. If you would like to see what my sister bought, just let me know and I will ask her if I can take pictures of everything. She bought way more than I did, if thats any interesting. LOL So far, I am really liking everything that I have tried. I just wish that the sequins on the heather grey sweater weren't so pokey.

Did you take advantage of the additional 50% off sale at Forever21?
If you did, which items did you buy?

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  1. I'm definitely digging the studded flats. I hate having to stretch out my shoes, lol...I feel like it never works for me so I always try to buy one that's a bit loose.

    1. Haha I am like that too. I hate having to stretch shoes. I have tried so many different ways, like putting using a bag of ice and putting them in the freezer or using sticks to stretch them out and none have them have really worked. I wish I had bought a size bigger but it was my first time ordering flats online from Forever21 so I didn't know about the size.


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