Sunday, February 17, 2013

Spotted: NYC HD Color Trio Eye Shadow

Hey everyone! I had some time today and decided to go check out the 50% sale on Physicians Formula products at CVS this week. If you didn't know about this sale, the last day is Saturday 2/16/2013. If you have been dying to try out some Physicians Formula products, this is a great time to go and plus you can get a $4 off $12 cosmestic purchase coupon from the CVS redbox machine. Now that is definitely a great deal and some PF products have coupon peelies on them, meaning more saved money!! While I was there, I noticed that PF products know have their own displays and whats more exciting is that CVS stores are now selling NYC cosmetics again!! They even have their own stand-alone display. While I was looking at the NYC display, I noticed that there were some new products (well at least new to me). I don't know if these are new, new but this was the first time where I had seen them.

The products that I am talking about are the NYC HD Color Trio Eye Shadows. I never seen these before until now and if you haven't noticed, they remind me of the Wet N Wild Trios. They each contain a highlight, all over lid, and a crease shade. These claim to have a "high intensity color with a silky soft texture," according to the display. On the display, there are six shades and they are $2.99 each.

The six shades are:
  • 781 Long Beach Sands
  • 782 Bronzed In Brooklyn
  • 784 Late Night Latte
  • 785 Central Park Plums
  • 786 Skyline Steel
  • 788 Blue Cafe

I haven't tried these yet but I wonder how these trios will compare to the Wet N Wild ones. If you have tried these before, definitely let me know how pigmented these are and if the quality is any good. Plus if these aren't new and you have seen these before, definitely let me know because I haven't seen these before until now. I know that RiteAid sells NYC cosmetics but the nearest RiteAid closed down so I haven't seen NYC cosmetics in over 5 months. LOL

Have you seen these before?
Would you give these a try?
When you first saw these, did you think of the Wet N Wild trios?

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  1. NYC Shadows are ok in my opinion. I like WetnWild more. I think they are more chalky and not quite as pigmented as WetNWild.

    Never hurts to try tho :) Formulas change.

    Take Care,
    Mandy Jean

    1. Yeah I just seen some reviews on these and heard that they weren't that pigmented but way better than their old shadows. I probably won't be trying these.


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