Thursday, February 21, 2013

Spotted: Revlon Spellbound Collection

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you guys know about a collection that I recently spotted at my CVS. It was my first time seeing this collection but I have heard about it before. Usually the stores in my area are pretty slow at bringing out new displays, except for my Walgreens store but recently, that Walgreens store has only been bringing out new displays for body washes and hair products. Bummer! LOL At least, I was able to spot some new displays at my CVS store.

This time, I spotted the new Revlon Spellbound Top Speed nail polish collection. Revlon describes these polishes as "hypnotizing fx for nails," according to the display. There are eight polishes in this display and two of them are glitter fx top coats:
  • ◊ Charmed
  • ◊ Crystal Glow
  • ◊ Essence
  • ◊ Superstitious
  • ◊ Black Magic
  • ◊ Spirit
  • ◊ Hearts of Gold FX
  • ◊ Celestial FX

I have to admit, that I am definitely liking how the FX top coats look. Hearts of Gold has glitter hearts with small gold glitter while Celestial has star glitters with small silver glitters. Both are very pretty. If I was a huge fan of big glitter, I would definitely get these but usually they are hard to get out of the bottle and place onto the nail. Each polish costs $6.29, which isn't that bad compared to their magnetic polishes, which are around $10 each. Crazy! QUESTIONS: Have you spotted this display yet? Which FX top coat would you get, if any?

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