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Last Sephora Haul 2012 (Feat. Tarte, Sephora, Smiths, & Clinique)

Hey everyone! If you read the title, then you would know that these are my last purchases from Sephora for the year 2012. I didn't buy all of these in one transaction but just decided to just combine them into one post. As you can see with my haul, I didn't get much. The first time, I didn't even know that I was going to buy anything but went inside with the sole intent to return an item that I had changed my mind about. I am sure that you guys all had the same dilemma as me. You walk in to JUST look around or to exchange/return something but end up walking out with a bunch of stuff that you didn't intend to buy. I went another time to use up a gift card that I had and also wanted to look around to see if they had any good products on sale. Man I love getting Sephora gift cards! LOL Sorry if this post is late, I had trouble uploading the pictures onto blogger, for some reason the upload button wouldn't show. Weird.

What I bought:
I am so happy that I found this set. I wasn't sure if I was going to buy this the when they first came out and when I saw it in person because they were all mini sizes. I didn't buy it the first time and have been regretting it ever since then. I have been checking the Sephora website and hoping that they would bring it back in stock but they never did. So when I walked into a Sephora that I rarely go to (because its a bit far from me) and saw that they had one left, I literally ran to the Tarte counter and grabbed it up. I didn't care about anything else, I just ran straight to it and felt like the skies just opened right there for me. LOL It went right into my basket, without any further hesitation. This set contains 2 mini size blushes "Fantastic" & "Magic", bronzer "Stellar", and a highlghter "Angelic". According to the packaging, Fantastic is described as a shimmering champagne, Magic is a pink coral, Stellar is a shimmering nude, and Angelic is a shimmering champagne.

First off, I wasn't going to buy it but when Marie Lisa Tran told me that they were on sale at the Sephora inside JcPenney stores, I knew that I had to pick one up. This was originally $28 but it was on sale for $17, plus I had a git card with $5 on it so I only paid around $12 for this. It comes with three full size products so $12-$13 for all three is an extremely great deal!! Imagine if I were to buy two drugstore lipglosses and one drugstore blush, I would have paid way more than $12-$13 so paying that price for high-end makeup is wow! Plus its Tarte!! This set comes with an Amazonian Clay 12HR Blush "Charisma" and two Rise & Shine Lipgloss & Stain "Pink" & "Nude." Even without the sale, this set was a great deal alone because one Rise & Shine Lipgloss & Stain retails for $10 on the Tarte website and an Amazonian Clay 12HR Blush is originally $25 each.

I never tried this lip balm before but thought to give it a try since my lips have been really dry lately. Right now, I have been using the little jar of Vaseline and its really been helping but I wanted to try out other brands as well. I still haven't tried this yet and didn't check any reviews on it. Hopefully it will work out in the end, if not, I still have my little jar of Vaseline.

I bought two of the coconut ones to give to someone as stocking stuffers. The mango one is for me to try out. I love mango so I thought that it would be fun to try out. These were under a dollar and I just wanted to try them out. Plus I thought that they would be perfect for traveling and since my friend tends to travel a lot, I thought that these would be great to try.

This sample comes four uses of the Clinique Liquid Facial Soap, Clinique Clarifying Lotion, and the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. The four uses are enough for two days and two nights. I have heard so many great reviews about these products, so I am glad that I got the chance to try out some of their products. Hopefully these will do something for my skin.

As always, I always ask for some samples. Sorry I didn't get a chance to take pictures of the samples because I already put them away and threw the paper covers away. The SA asked me what kind of sample I was interested in and I asked her if she had any perfume samples. I don't know why but I love collecting perfume samples. Maybe its because the samples are so small and different colors so they all look great together in a container. Plus they are great to just try into your purse and bring with you on travels. She actually let me pick out which samples that I wanted out of a container full of perfume samples. I picked out three: HELLO KITTY, KAT VON D POETICA, and LADY GAGA FAME. I have been wanting to try out the Lady Gaga perfume so I am so happy that I finally have the chance to smell it.

So those are all the products that I bought from Sephora! Plus its also my last Sephora haul for the year 2012! Granted they weren't all purchased in one haul but you guys get the point either way. I am so happy with all everything that I bought, even though I haven't tried everything out yet. I am just so happy that I got the chance to buy some more Tarte products because I really want to expand my Tarte collection, especially their blushes. If you guys want to see some swatches an reviews on any of these products, let me know. I was debating on whether to post up swatches on the cheek products in the Fantastic Foursome set because the set was a limited edition set and I don't know if the colors are in the core collection. Let me what what you guys think and if you would still like to see some swatches! Other than that, I hope you all had a great New Year's and I hope that you guys all have a great start with 2013!

Have you tried any of these products?
What do you think about Tarte Cosmetics?
Have you tried Smith's Lip Balm?

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  1. I love Tarte! I wish I would have found the blush set! Great buys!

    Take Care,
    Mandy Jean

    1. Hopefully you will be able to get your hands on it someday.


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