Saturday, January 12, 2013

Spotted: Wet N Wild 2013 Collection

Hey everyone! If you didn't know already, Wet N Wild came out with a bunch of new products with their new advanced formula! They came out with new mascaras, lipglosses, and powders! I haven't tried any of these products yet but I will probably be picking up some products from the Fergie line, especially the pink shimmer blush, which I will probably be using as a highlighter since its so shimmery. Now all I need to do is to find it before its sold out. Hopefully the new products from the Fergie line are part of the core collection and are not limited edition products. Okay, enough of the Fergie collection since I am going to be talking about Wet N Wild's core collection products in this post.

The first products that I am going to be talking about, featured in this display, are the new mascaras from Wet N Wild. There are a total of five new mascaras, each with its own purpose. I like how each one is a different color, it reminds me of the CoverGirl LashBlast mascaras. The green mascara is called the Wet N Wild MegaProtien Mascara From the packaging, its meant to nourish your lashes with its fortified soy and wheat protein. Its enriched with acai oil and is paraben-free. I guess its supposed to condition your lashes to make them healthier. These are $1.99 each. The next mascara is the Wet N Wild MegaVolume Mascara.This is in the yellow packaging. It claims to give your lashes 5x the volume with its volume-building formula. It also claims to give your lashes a natural-looking enhancing effect. This mascara is $2.99 each, which is one dollar more than the MegaProtien one. The next mascara that I am going to be talking about is also $2.99 each, which is the Wet N Wild MegaLength Mascara. This is in the purple colored tube. MegaLength claims to give the appearance of 80% longer-looking lashes. Supposedly it visibly lifts your lashes with its clump-free definition. This mascara comes with a waterproof version as well.

The other two mascaras that I am going to talk about are both $3.99 each. Its weird that these mascaras are different and higher priced than the other mascaras that I shown above. I wonder if that means that its better but then we should all know that just because a product is cheaper doesn't mean that its a bad product. For example, Wet N Wild eyeshadows are inexpensive but they are some of the best drugstore eye shadows around. Definitely let me know if you agree with me. The ones that are $3.99 each are the ones in the pink and orange tubes. The pink tubes are the Wet N Wild MegaPlump mascaras and the orange ones are the Wet N Wild MegaImpact mascaras. The MegaPlump ones are supposed to make your lashes look three times plumper. Plus this mascara comes with a waterproof formula as well. Its interesting that the waterproof version claims to make your lashes three times plumper while the regular version makes your lashes five times plumper. MegaImpact supposedly impacts your lashes by eight times by making it look longer and thicker while instantly lifting your lashes for more drama.

The next products in the display are the Wet N Wild MegaLast Lipglosses. If you didn't spot them already, these have a $1 off coupon attached to these! These have thirteen shades and a lot of the shades look very pretty. The shades range from red, nudes, to pinks. These claim to have intense color with a high shine because of elastisilk technology for transfer-proof formula. The fact that these claim to be transfer-proof makes me want to try them even more because lipglosses transfer easily. If you have tried these before, definitely let me know if they are actually transfer-proof. These are $2.99 each.

The last products on the display are the new Wet N Wild CoverAll Pressed Powders. According to the display, these powders claim to give you all-day, weightless wear. Plus their VisBright complex reduces the appearance of wrinkles, which is definitely a huge claim, in my opinion. These powders are $2.99 each and come in five different shades. I do wish that the shade range for these powder was better. The shades are Fair, Fair/Light, Light, Light/Medium, and Medium. Sadly there are no dark shades but hopefully, there will be more shades later on.

Those are all the new products from Wet N Wild. If you have seen this new display at your store, definitely let know because I would love to know whether this display is going to show up at other stores besides Walgreens. All these products look pretty good and a lot of them have some big claims and I wonder if the claims are really true. Let me know what you guys think. I would love to know if any of these products are good and whether you are planning on getting any of them.

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