Wednesday, January 23, 2013

ULTA Haul (Feat. Real Techniques & NYX)

Hey everyone! Sorry that this is somewhat a late haul. I actually had forgotten that I had taken pictures of this haul. LOL My computer has so many pictures for reviews and swatches that sometimes my hauls tend to get mixed up and forgotten. Good thing that this haul was just done last month so its not that long. I have been hearing so many great reviews on the Real Techniques brushes that I wanted to buy more to try out. I was actually going to buy one brush but when I got there, I decided to buy another one as well. Dang, my spending habit! LOL I wish I had gotten more of the brushes but then again, I don't really want to go broke. Since I had gotten the Real Techniques brushes, I also wanted to browse around the store to see if they had any new products out. I didn't really see any new products that I was extremely curious about so I decided to check out the drugstore section. Since NYX is considered a drugstore brand, I decided to check out that section first. They didn't have any sale on NYX but since I had a coupon, I thought it was alright to buy something anyways.

What I bought:
This brush was $9.99 each. I have been hearing so many reviews on the RT Powder Brush that I decided to get one to try out. I bought this to try with my powders to set my liquid foundation. I haven't given this a try yet since I hadn't washed it yet but hopefully, I will end up loving it. Let me just say, that it is definitely a big powder brush. I heard that RT brushes can stand up on their own but most of the RT brushes that I own fall down. Please let me know if they are meant to stand up on their own and I got ones with bad handles or maybe I heard wrong.

 REAL TECHNIQUES Core Collection
This set comes with four brushes. It also comes with its own brush case, which you can use to bring with you on travels. The brushes that it comes with are:
  • Detailer Brush, used for concealer and/or to apply lipstick
  • Pointed Foundation Brush, used for liquid foundation
  • Buffing Brush, used for powder and mineral foundation
  • Contour Brush, used for highlighter or to contour with bronzer

NYX The Runway Collection "Caviar & Bubbles"
I have never tried NYX eyeshadows before but I do love their blushes. Since I heard so many great things about their eyeshadows, I decided to give their Caviar & Bubbles palette a try. I think this is one of their most best selling palettes in their Runaway Collection because I have seen this palette in so many peoples' collections. I mainly bought this because I really wanted to try out NYX eyeshadows and because this one looked like a great neutral, everyday palette. So far, I really like it and have been using this palette a lot. 

I was also lucky and got a very nice cashier. She let me pick out a couple of samples. I only meant to pick three but she told me to get some more. Yay! I decided to get all perfume samples. One of the sample that I thought was very cute was the Prada Candy. It came in a little tiny box. When I saw it, I thought that maybe there was going to be more than one perfume sample inside the box but when I walked out of the store and opened it, there was only one inside. Either way, its a cute box. Another is the BCBGMAXAZRIA Bon Chic. I haven't smelled this beforehand but I heard so many things about this brand that I decided to give it a try. I also got the Nicki Minaj Pink Friday, Calvin Klein Euphoria, Diesel Only Brave and Ralph Lauren 1. I didn't realize that I accidently picked up a cologne as well because I was rushing. LOL 

So those are all the products that I got with my haul. I am so excited about the Real Techniques brushes that I bought. I do wish that the set came with different brushes because I only bought the set for the buffing and contour brush. Other than that, I hope everything works out and I am excited to add more RT brushes to my collection. Like I said before, I do wish that I had bought more but ULTA rarely has a sale on Real Techniques brushes unless they are BOGO 50% off and that only happens a couple times a year. 

Do you own any Real Techniques brushes? 
Do you own any NYX eyeshadows? 
What do you think about my haul? 

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  1. Real Techniques brushes are amaaazing! I love them so much and the Powder Brush would have to be one of my favorites with the expert face brush and core collection :) They do stand on their own but make sure that it's on a leveled surface ;D I also have that NYX palette but I don't really like it.. anyways great haul!

    My Blog: Caught in a Daze.

    1. Oh okay thanks for letting me know that the brushes do actually stand on their own. I think I just got a couple of uneven brushes because some of them just fall down on a leveled surface. Sorry to hear that you don't like the Caviar & Bubbles palette...


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