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Spotted: New Maybelline Products

Hey everyone! I just wanted to show everyone some new products from Maybelline. They just recently came out with their very first Maybelline MasterDuo 2-In-1 Glossy Liquid Liner. According to the display, you can use this liner to create both thin and thick lines with its dual tip. Plus its considered long-wearing. These actually sound pretty interesting. Plus I already have some of their EyeStudio Gel/Cream liners and I love those so much so I might have to try these out someday. They have these liners in black, purple, brown, green, and navy blue. If you seen this display, please let me know if you bought any of these liners and whether or not they are worth buying.

Also, if you are definitely a fan of the Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles, then you might actually want to try out the new Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Spot. While the Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles is meant to be used to cover up dark circles and fine lines for the under eye areas, the new Age Rewind Eraser Dark Spot is meant to cover instantly and fade dark spots over time, according to the display. This is actually pretty interesting because I have always wanted to try the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles but I don't have any dark circles or fine lines under my eyes so I wouldn't really know if it was a good product or not but so many people have been raving about it. So I am pretty excited that Maybelline has finally come out with one that I can use for my dark spots and maybe acne spots. This is actually a concealer with a treatment. Plus it has Vitamin C in it, which is always good.

So far, there are five shades in this line but I am sure that Maybelline will expand the shades later on, especially if this product becomes popular like the original Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles. The following shades are:

  • ◊ 210 Fair
  • ◊ 215 Fair/Light
  • ◊ 220 Light
  • ◊ 225 Light/Medium
  • ◊ 235 Medium/Deep

One thing that does get me is that I wish Maybelline had made it easier to see the actual color through the packaging like they did with the original but I guess they did that because they didn't want people getting confused and returning them if they bought the wrong concealer. I mean the white packaging does look nice but its so hard to tell which shade would best suit your skin tone and just going with the color on the paper packaging is hardly ever successful. Let me know what you guys think about the new packaging. Are you guys in the same boat as me and wish that they had made it more easier to see the actual shades inside the product? Would you guys be picking this up to try?

Also, a new collection, featuring the Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal was recently released. These are new metallic shades. All of these shades look gorgeous and I definitely see them as being wearable shades, depending on how you wear them on your eyes. There are two shades that I really want to add to my collection, if I decided to buy them but I will get to that later.
In this LE collection, there are five new shades:

  • ◊ 55 Inked In Pink
  • ◊ 60 Silver Strike
  • ◊ 65 Gold Rush
  • ◊ 70 Barely Branded
  • ◊ 75 Electric Blue

In my opinion, I can definitely see both Inked In Pink and Barely Branded being the first two colors that will sell out fast. Both of those shades are definitely wearable and can be great for everyday looks. Those are definitely the two shades that I would love to add to my collection, if you guys haven't guessed it yet. Barely Branded reminds me of Barely Beige. I think it can be great for those who didn't get a chance to pick up Barely Beige because it was sold out so fast. I wouldn't say that they are exact dupes but they can be somewhat comparable. What do you think of the new LE shades from this collection? Do you plan on picking up any of these shades and if so, which ones?

Last but not least are the new Maybelline Color Whispers. Keep in mind, that I haven't tried these but I have heard that these are comparable to the Revlon Lip Butters, which I love. These actually look like they have similar packaging to the usual Maybelline ColorSensation lipsticks but remind me of the Revlon Lip Butters' packaging as well, especially when the cap is off. I actually spotted these at Walgreens for $7.99 each. If you know me, then you would know that I am going to wait for them to go on sale first and then buy some. I just hate paying full price for items unless I am going to need it (not want it but actually need it). There is a huge difference between the two but I admit, sometimes the line between them does get a bit blurred. LOL On the display, there were 20 new shades ranging from pinks, nudes, berries, and reds. I love how there are different varieties because there are a couple of light to dark shades. The different shades are (starting at the front):

  • ◊ 05 Go Nude
  • ◊ 10 Bare To Be Bold
  • ◊ 15 Some ike It Taupe
  • ◊ 20 Mocha Muse
  • ◊ 25 Lust For Blush
  • ◊ 30 Pin Up Peach
  • ◊ 35 Coral Amibition
  • ◊ 40 Orange Attitude
  • ◊ 45 Who Wore It Red-Er
  • ◊ 50 Cherry On Top
  • ◊ 55 One Size Fits Pearl
  • ◊ 60 Petal Rebel
  • ◊ 65 Pink Possibilites
  • ◊ 70 Faint For Fuchsia
  • ◊ 75 Rose Of Attraction
  • ◊ 80 Made-It Mauve
  • ◊ 85 Berry Ready
  • ◊ 90 Oh La Lilac
  • ◊ 95 Mad For Magenta
  • ◊ 100 A Plum Prospect

Whew! Now that is definitely a lot of shades! All of them look so gorgeous that I wish I had the money to just buy all of these! LOL I can't wait to see swatches of these and plus I would love to know if these are in any way, similar to the Revlon Lip Butters. If you guys have tried these already, please comment below letting me know what you think of them and if they are worth buying or not because they all look so gorgeous in the display and I am sure that they will look just as beautiful on my lips and in my collection. Have you seen the Maybelline Color Whisper yet? What shades caught your eyes?

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