Sunday, January 13, 2013

SPOTTED: New Burt's Bees Products

Hey everyone! Guess what, a few days ago I spotted a bunch of new Burt's Bees products at a Walgreens store. I wasn't sure whether I was going to post them all together or individually but as you can see, I decided to just post them all together in one post because it would be easier. Plus there were all on the same display but I have seen other stores with separate displays for these products. Recently, Burt's Bees came out with some new lip balms and lipglosses. If you didn't know already, Burt's Bees is a 100% natural brand, which means that they don't have any bad chemicals in their products.

The first thing that I am going to talk about on the display are the new Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balms. I know Burt's Bees came out with these before last year but I am assuming that these are new shades for the line. I actually haven't tried these but the packaging is pretty interesting. Inside the cardboard packaging is the actual tinted lip balm in a typical lip balm twist up packaging. The new shades are Caramel Daisy, Blush Orchid, Petunia, and Sweet Violet. Please let me know whether these are new shades for their tinted lip balm line. These claim to give a "hint of color with intense conditioning." These are $7.29 at Walgreens but prices very by stores and region.

The second products that I saw where the Burt's Bees Lip Glosses. I don't know if Burt's Bees already had lip glosses but these are the first time that I have seen lipglosses from them. I know that these are new because they say new on the actual lipglosses but I just wanted to know if they were already selling different lipglosses. There are 8 shades on the display: Sunny Day, Sweet Sunset, Evening Glow, Starry Night, Ocean Sunrise, Rosy Dawn, Spring Splendor, and Summer Twilight. These are $9.29 each at Walgreens but prices vary by region and stores.

The last products on the display are the Burt's Bees Lip Shines. These claim to give sheer color with a sweet moisturizing shine. I haven't tried these but I do like some of the pink shades in this line. There are also dark shades as well but remember that they are sheer so they won't as intense as they are on your lips. There are four new shades in this line and they are: Blush, Wink, Pucker, and Smooch. I love how the names of these shades are after the actions that a person does when they like someone. Haha.

Definitely let me know if you have tried any of these products. I would love to know if you have seen any of these new products from Burt's Bees at your local store and whether you are going to be buying them. I have heard some good reviews on the Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balms but not on these lipglosses because they are new products. They actually might be good because they are 100% natural, which is a good thing since you are going to be wearing these on your lips.

Have you seen these new products from Burt's Bees before?
What do you think of Burt's Bees lip products?

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