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Spotted: New L'Oreal Products

Hey everyone! Today, for this post, I am just going to show you guys all the L'Oreal new products that I spotted this week. The first one is a new lip product from L'Oreal. They are the L'Oreal Color Caresse Aqua Lacquers. These look really good and I love the packaging on these. I love the gold packaging and how each one has the color of the lip product so it makes it nice to find which shade you want, especially if you end up with a lot of these in your collection. I actually want to try these but I am afraid that they might give my lips a bad reaction since all the L'Oreal lipsticks that I have bought and tried have done that to my lips. I don't know what it is but something in their lip products just hates being on my lips but these lip products actually look so pretty in the display and in the packaging that its just so hard to resist trying them. LOL Right now, there are a total of twelve new shades for this this. I don't know if L'Oreal is going to add more shades to this line but we will see. If you do know, please leave a comment below. The shades on this display are (starting from left to right):
  • 182 Pink Perseverance
  • 183 Pink Resistance
  • 184 Rose On And On
  • 185 Lilac Ever After
  • 186 Berry Persistent
  • 187 Infinite Fuchsia
  • 188 Coral Tattoo
  • 189 Pink Rebellion
  • 190 Endless Red
  • 191 Stubborn Plum
  • 192 Everlasting Caramel
  • 193 Eternally Nude

Oh my goodness, the next product is another new product from L'Oreal that I really want to try and show you guys. These are new and just recently came out. I would have bought it right then and there when I spotted them but I wanted to wait for a good sale first. Plus I wanted to see the reviews on it and swatches of them to see which shade would suit my skin color since I plan on using these to cover up my blemishes. The products that I am talking about are the L'Oreal True Match Super-Blendable Crayon Concealers.

According to the display, these claim to concealer it all even if its big or small. They have a crayon tip to target small imperfections and a crayon side to conceal large areas. There are six shades in this line but I am sure that they will expand their shade range since L'Oreal True Match has the biggest shade range for drugstore products. They usually have shades for warm, cool to neutral shades but for some reason, these concealers only have warm to neutral undertones. The ones with the letter W have warm undertones and the ones with the N have neutral undertones. I love the True Match line so I actually can't wait to try these. The shades in this line, so far are:

  • W1-2-3 Fair/Light
  • N1-2-3 Fair/Light
  • W4-5 Light/Medium
  • N4-5 Light/Medium
  • W6-7-8 Medium/Deep
  • N6-7-8 Medium/Deep

If you have seen these new crayon concealers from L'Oreal, definitely let me know because I would love to know if they are really great for covering up blemishes and acne. These are priced at $9.49 at Walgreens but keep in mind that prices vary by stores and region. I am probably going to wait for a sale before I buy these. I wish that the display had tear-pad coupons because I love those. LOL I would also love to know if you guys think that these are like the dupes of the Urban Decay concealer pencils since I heard from some people that they are similar. I haven't tried the Urban Decay concealer pencil so I wouldn't really know. Have you tried these L'Oreal True Match Crayon Concealers?

The next product is the L'Oreal Visible Lift ColorLift Blushes. Now I don't know if these blushes are limited edition or part of their core collection so please let me know if any of you guys have heard any information on these. I have heard that these are somewhat similar to the Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blushes. As I was looking at the blushes close-up, they do look like they would have the same consistency as the Dream Bouncy blushes. I do have to admit that I wish that L'Oreal had checked the compacts before sending them to the stores because some of them were either less than the pan or drying up (as you can see in the pictures). I guess thats just a pet peeve of mine whenever I see a product that doesn't meet up with all the expectations. LOL

On this display, there were 6 different shades. I think there might actually be more shades popping up soon but I am unsure of that, so don't quote me on that. LOL The shades on the display are (starting from back t front):

  • 704 Coral Lift
  • 705 Nude Lift
  • 706 Berry Lift
  • 701 Rose Gold Lift
  • 702 Peach Gold Lift
  • 703 Pink Lift

So what do you guys think about these Visible Lift blushes? Do you think they are similar to the Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blushes and would you guys be willing to give them a try? Definitely let me know what you guys think about these because I would love to hear your thoughts! In case, some of you guys wanted to know, I spotted these at Walgreens for $12.49 each. In my opinion, that is pretty pricey for a drugstore blush. Is it just me or have drugstores been slightly raising their prices on new products? If I were to give these a try, I would just wait for a great sale or wait for these to go on clearance. LOL

Also, if you didn't know already, L'Oreal recently came out with a new line of eye shadows ! Now if you haven't heard of these, they were first released overseas and now they finally made it to the US but the packaging is a bit different. Either way, I am in love with the gold packaging. Definitely let me know what you guys think about the gold packaging. These eye shadows definitely look like they came from a high-end brand, now let's see if the quality is high-end as well. I actually spotted two different displays for these L'Oreal Colour Riche Eye Shadows. One display had only six new quads but the other had a bunch of different shades. Have you seen any of these displays? Have you tried these eye shadows and what do you think of them?

Now, I am going to talk about the new mascaras from L'Oreal. So far, the only new mascaras that I have seen from L'Oreal are the L'Oreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions Mascara. This comes in both the original and the waterproof version. According to the packaging, both claim to give your lashes extreme length and intensity. They are both formulated with liquid extension, whatever that means. LOL The brush is considered "lash-hugging" to hug every lash without clumping. I haven't tried this mascara because I have just so many mascaras that I need to use first, in my collection. If you tried this mascara, definitely let me know you like it. Have you seen these mascaras in your area? Do these interest you?

Last but not least, I am just going to show some new shades for the Colour Riche nail polish line, which is the TRENDsetter Collection. There are only six new shades in this collection. They are:

  • 107 Royalty Reinvented
  • 108 New Money
  • 109 Orange You Jealous?
  • 110 Crazy For Chic
  • 111 Not A Cloud In The Sky
  • 112 Members Only
Those are all the new shades in this collection. In my opinion, all of these shades are gorgeous and will definitely be great for both the spring and the summer! They are all gorgeous cremes! Right now, these retail for $6.49 each at Walgreens but keep in mind, prices vary by stores and region. I think they are cheaper at CVS, Target, and WalMart stores but I can't be 100% sure about CVS. If you have seen this display, in your area, definitely let me know what you think about the shades and if you are planning on buying any?

Please let me know if you spotted any of these new products at your store and whether you recommend any of them. I would love to know what you guys think about these new products and if you are excited about any of these? I know I am excited for the Crayon Concealers but I want to wait for a good sale first before I buy them. LOL

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