Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Spotted: New Rimmel Products

Hey everyone! Today, I am going to post on all the new Rimmel products that I recently spotted. I am so excited because I actually think Rimmel is a great brand. They have some great mascaras and their lipsticks are great. I just wish that they would get more attention in the beauty world. In this post, I am going to talk about the new mascaras that Rimmel recently came out with. I spotted this display at Walgreens, which is where I would usually spot new Rimmel products first. For some reason, the CVS store right by my house doesn't sell Rimmel products so if I had to buy any Rimmel products from a CVS sale, I would have to drive further to another CVS store.

Recently, Rimmel came out with the new Rimmel ScandalEyes Show Off Mascara. The brushes on these mascaras look pretty interesting because instead of your typical mascara wand, at the end of the wand is a spikey curved ball to lift up your lashes for a lasting effect. On the display, it says that the brush is flat for volume. They claim that this mascara has a fiber formula that is meant to lengthen your lashes. I never tried a mascara that has a wand like this before but I have seen some high-end mascaras that have wands similar to these. Have you seen these Rimmel ScandalEyes Show Off mascaras yet? What do you think about the mascara wand?

It seems like all the drugstore brands are coming out with BB creams. I think there are still a couple of drugstore brands that haven't come out with their interpetations of BB creams yet like Wet N Wild. The reason why I say interpetations is because these BB creams aren't the same as the actual Asian BB creams. To me, they are more like tinted moisturizers. This time, it is Rimmel that came out with a BB cream. Rimmel claims that this is a 9-in-1 super makeup SPF25 BB cream. Rimmel came out withh four shades but the display that I went to only had three of the shades in stock. The four shades are Light, Medium, Medium/Dark, and I am going to assume that the last shade is Dark. Like I said before, this BB cream is claimed as a 9-in-1 cream. According to the display, Rimmel claims that their Rimmel BB Creams:
  • Primes
  • Minimizes
  • Protects
  • Moisturizes
  • Brightens
  • Mattifies
  • Smoothes
  • Conceals
  • Covers
This actually sounds like an interesting BB cream, in my opinion. I thought it was pretty interesting that it mattifies. I wish that there was actually a tester on the display because I really want to try it out. I would have bought it too because Rimmel products aren't pricey but I just have way too many foundations and BB creams that I need to use up first. Later in the future, I would probably end up buying it, especially if its on sale. LOL Have you seen this display yet? What do you think of American BB creams and Asian BB creams?

If you are a fan of matte lipsticks, then this new collection might just be for you! I actually don't have any matte lipsticks in my collection but I do have some matte cream lip creams from NYX. I haven't tried any lipsticks from the Kate line but I heard that they were pretty good. These claim to have a velvety rich color while being comfortable on the lips. That should be pretty interesting because usually matte lipsticks are drying on the lips and can be uncomfortable for some people. In this collection, there are a total of ten new shades for the Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish 8HR Matte Lipstick Collection. The packaging looks pretty nice and is just all red but with black in the middle. On each lipstick has the name Kate on the cap. I actually wish that these lipsticks either had a clear window on the top of the cap or had one of those bottoms where you could see the actual color. I feel like before buying these, I would have to check each one to make sure that they weren't swatched or tampered with beforehand since they have no safety seals on these. What do you think about the lipsticks' packaging? Have you seen these new lipsticks from Rimmel?

And last but not least is the Rimmel Get Your Bronze On SunShimmer Shimmering Maxi Bronzers. These are illuminating bronzers that you can use on both your face and your body. There are three new shades in this line. These actually look good for the body like maybe on the chest area and on the shoulders for a shimmering bronze effect. These are regularly priced at $8.49 each but prices may vary be store and region. Have you seen these Shimmering Maxi Bronzers? What do you think of these bronzers?

Definitely let me know if you have seen any of these new Rimmel products in your stores yet. Plus I would love to know which products interest you and will be going into your makeup collection very soon. If you guys have tried any of these products, so far please comment below letting me know which products are worth buying. Also, expect more spotted posts coming up...

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