Monday, July 22, 2013

Spotted: Sonia Kashuk Sets On Clearance At Target

Hey everyone! I was just recently at Target buying some clothes when I suddenly noticed that I was in the beauty aisles for some reason. LOL I figured that while I was there, I might as well see if there was anything good on clearance. I didn't end up finding much but I did find some Sonia Kashuk sets on clearance. If you guys didn't know, Sonia Kashuk tends to come out with a lot of new limited edition sets and they usually go on clearance every now and then, especially when they don't sell off the shelves.

Anyways, I spotted a couple of sets but only took pictures of the two that I was most interested in. The two sets that caught my eyes were these two sets:
◊ Sonia Kashuk Moroccan Dunes Eye Shadow Palette (Was 15.99 Now $8.48)
◊ Sonia Kashuk A Kiss On The Cheek Lip & Cheek Palette (Was $14.99 Now $7.48)

I was going to buy them right when I saw them but I figured that I could wait a week or two since if the Target store still has them then the prices will go down even lower! I can't say no to deals, especially if they are really good money savers. Plus I figured that if they are all sold out then it just wasn't meant to be for me to bring them home. LOL I wouldn't really be missing out anyway since I already have enough makeup in my collection to last me over a lifetime but I actually wouldn't mind adding these two sets. Haha! Let me know what you guys think?

Are you a fan of Sonia Kashuk sets?

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  1. I love the makeup clearance section! That eyeshadow palette looks nice!:)

    1. I love it too! I just wish that some stores would keep the clearance sections clean or that people would stop stealing some of the items. I remember always finding an item that I get excited about after going through all those clearance bins, only to grab it and find that its empty because someone stole it. Eesh. Its so annoying!

  2. I haven't stepped inside Target in a while. I must go check to see if there's any good deals!


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