Saturday, July 27, 2013

One Direction Teams Up With MUA Cosmetics

Hey everyone! I usually don't do these types of posts unless I like to have the actual picture myself but since I don't know any store in my area that sells MUA Cosmetics, I am just going to borrow a picture. I will have the source link (CLICK HERE) in case you guys want to read more about it but I am going to try to include as much as I know in my post. Anyways, I just wanted to announce (in case there are any One Direction fans out there reading this) that One Direction will be releasing their own makeup line with MUA Cosmetics. So if you love One Direction, you should definitely keep an eye out for this line. I don't know if its a limited edition line but if I find out more, I will update this post.

Their makeup line will be called "Little Things Collection" and will include blushes, nail polishes, lipsticks and lip polishes (which I am assuming are lip glosses). There will be 5 shades of each product, one for each One Direction member. The collection will also include Kiss You lipsticks. The shade names are:
◊ I Want
◊ Moments
◊ Be Mine
◊ Rock Me
◊ I Wish

For me, the lipsticks would probably be the best sellers (in my opinion). The whole concept of the lipsticks, packaging-wise reminds me a bit of limited editions of MAC lipsticks. The reason being is that each lipstick will be name after each member of the group. Plus each lipstick tube will have the signature of one member (whomever the lipstick is named after) on the lipstick tube. You can actually see a sneak peek at the lipsticks in the first picture of this post. The lipstick shades are:
◊ Niall Loves Cherry
◊ Zayn Loves Watermelon
◊ Liam Loves Blueberry
◊ Louis Loves Vanilla
◊ Harry Loves Strawberry

What do you guys think about this new makeup line from MUA Cosmetics with One Direction? Oh yeah, in case I didn't mention it yet, the new makeup line will be released in stores and online on July 31, 2013. If you are interested in this line, I highly suggest you hit up your stores or buy them online since I am not sure if this is a permanent line from MUA Cosmetics. Let me know what you guys think and I would also love to know if you guys plan on getting anything. I do wish I had more information for you guys but I will try to update this post once I find out more about this line and its products. I probably won't be buying anything from Little Things Collection since MUA Cosmetics isn't easy to find in my area but I heard that MUA Cosmetics is a pretty good line!

Do you guys love One Direction?
Have you ever tried MUA Cosmetics before?
Don't you guys think the lipsticks resemble a bit like MAC limited lipsticks?

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  1. Hehe, I saw preview pics of the nail polish they will have, I think the line will sell very well with their fans!

    1. Oh really? I definitely have to see those, just for curiosity sake. LOL Yeah, I can definitely see a lot of teens buying from this line.


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