Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Collective Haul (Feat. Target, Dollar Tree, Sephora, & Ulta)

Hey everyone! This is probably my first collective post on my blog. Usually I like to separate my haul posts by stores so people won't get confused but since I want to get all these products up on my blog, I decided to just put everything all together in one post. Keep in mind, this haul wasn't done in one day. Just to let you know. LOL These products were bought from Target, Dollar Tree, Sephora and Ulta. I am just going to categorize everything by the store. I was thinking about doing a video on this but I might just do my second video on a new haul instead. Let me know what you guys think!

On-The-Go Essentials Vaseline & Q-Tips (x2)
I bought the last two that I saw at this Target. I have never seen these On-The-Go Essentials at my Target stores before so I was surprised to see them on clearance. I made sure to grab all the ones that I could find since it was such a great price. They were $1.74 each and you know that the Vaseline Lip Therapy are already about $2-$3, depending on the store. Plus you get a pack of Q-tips in a travel container! I love the Vaseline Lip Therapy so when I saw that they had them in a bonus pack, I just had to buy these.

Revlon Nail Polishes "220 Enchanting" & "590 Trendy"
I can't remember the actual price that I paid for these but I remember I had coupons for them. You know me, I hardly ever buy a drugstore beauty product without using a coupon. Enchanting is a medium lavender. Trendy is a gorgeous medium-toned teal. I love Revlon polishes because they are usually opaque within two coats. I actually thought that both of these polishes are creme finishes, which are some of my favorite finishes for polishes but if you look closely, Enchanting has a tad bit of pink shimmer in it. That was actually a nice surprise when I got home and looked at it closer!

Sephora I.T Blending Brush
This is actually my second purchase of Sephora brushes. They are on sale right now and I couldn't help myself. I have been wanting to try out a high-end blending brush for a while now so I bought this two try out. The only thing that I didn't like was that there was no tester for this brush at the Sephora store that I went to so I didn't know what this brush looked it. When I got home, I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't like the shape of my other typical blending brushes. To me, this blending brush looks like a fuller, fat eyeshaadow brush. Hopefully this will still work great as a blending brush.

Sephora Pro Precision Crease Brush
There wasn't a tester for this brush either so I couldn't tell how this brush felt. I could see a bit through the bristle holder but I couldn't tell how dense it was. Its a nice skinny crease brush. I would probably end up using this to apply shadow onto my crease and my outer corner and blending it out a bit. I have already washed this one and am a bit sad to see some of the bristles straying out. Hopefully it will stay soft and keep its shape after constant use.

Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil "004 Black Brown"
I never tried this before but right now, I am looking for a great eyebrow product and I have been wanting to try the Anatasia Brow Powder Duo for a while now but for right now, I wanted to try out other drugstore brow products first. I heard a lot of great things about this brow pencil so I decided to give it a try. I like how it comes with a brush for your brows. I was looking for swatches online while I was at the store and Dark Brown looked like the only dark shade without any red undertone to it.

Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewl Argan Oil
This was actually a sample. Ulta had sent me an email saying that they were giving out this sample with no purchase necessary. I never tried any of the products from this brand before so since I was already at the store, I figured I might as well show them my email and get the sample too. Its actually a pretty small sample but the small bottle is cute. After finishing this up, I might just keep this as a display with all my other little items.

Cotton Rounds (x2)
I really like these cotton round and the best thing is that they are only a dollar each! Each pack contains 80 cotton rounds and these are really good. You would think that these would fall apart and leave little fuzzy bits all over your eyes or face since these are a dollar but nope, these actually hold together even when they are soaked through with makeup remover and/or toner. If you have been looking for some good cotton rounds without having to pay about $3-$4 for a pack, you should try these. You might end up liking these and end up saving money in the long run.

So those are all the products that I bought in my collective haul. Hopefully nothing was confusing and it was much easier to read by categorizing everything by store. If you have tried any of these products before, definitely let me know your thoughts on them. Plus if you have any eyebrow products that you are loving right now, please let me know which ones you are loving by commenting below. I just might try them out. Right now, I have been loving the ELF Studio Eyebrow Kit for the longest but the only problem is that I use up all the wax but hardly ever make a dent in the powder so it always seems like a waste to me, with the brow powder. I might get the Anatasia Brow Powder Duo but I am going to wait for the 20% off at Sephora before I buy it. LOL Also, in case you didn't know yet, I just posted my FIRST video on YouTube so please feel free to check it out. Please SUBSCRIBE and LIKE! The link to my YouTube channel is linked below.

Have you tried any of these products before?

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  1. The polishes look pretty and those dollar tree cotton rounds are actually pretty good. I don't like the ones I got from Big Lots.

    1. I never tried the cotton rounds at Big Lots before, did they leave little fuzzys on your eyes?

  2. Great Haul. I like the nail polish,enchanting. Aren't travel size products the best? I'd like to try out the cotton rounds from Dollar Tree. It's so easy to say that knowing they're only a dollar.


    1. I was just wearing it and I love it on my nails. Sadly I forgot to take pictures but I will later this week when I wear it again. I do think travel size are the cutest things. You should give them a try. The cotton rounds are pretty good and they never left any fuzzy things on my eyes. I think I have bought 4 so far and with these 2, it makes it my 6th repurchase.

  3. awww i love those little vaseline jars, they are so cute :3

    1. I think they are cute too and I love them. I have one in my purse, one in my living room, and one on my vanity. LOL

  4. I love the nail polishes! ^^

    great haul!

    I just followed you! I'll be glad if u can follow me back !

    1. Thanks Kar! Glad that you followed my blog. I will be checking out your blog!


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