Friday, July 12, 2013

Spotted: L'Oreal Colour Riche By Pencil Perfect Wood Pencil Eyeliner (New)

Hey everyone! I think this is going to be last spotted post for L'Oreal, well for now anyways until they come out with more new products or new shades. Like I said in one of my previous posts, they have really been upping their game, coming up with a bunch of new products. If you haven't seen the other new products from L'Oreal, just check out my previous spotted posts because this week has been all about L'Oreal. Don't worry, I am not sponsored by them. Haha! Although it would be nice to get makeup from them to try out every once in a while. Don't judge me, I am sure you would all love the same to get the chance to review their products before they hit the stores.

Anyways, these new products are the L'Oreal Colour Riche By Pencil Perfect Wood Pencil Eyeliners. I wonder since these are wood pencil eyeliners that they smell like wood. I actually hate that lumber smell. Its like whenever you walk into Home Depot or Lowes and go through the lumber aisles and all you can smell is wood. One product that reminds me of that smell whenever I use it is the Stila Long Wear Lip Liners. They always smell like wood whenever I use them. Let me know if you know what I am talking about and how you feel about that wood smell. L'Oreal came out with 6 shades for this line:
◊ 940 Sea Green
◊ 900 Black
◊ 910 Black Brown
◊ 930 Violet
◊ 950 White
◊ 920 Blue

I am actually a bit surprised that L'Oreal didn't come out with a nude eyeliner, especially with all the hype surround the Rimmel Nude eyeliner. That one shade has been the hardest to find. I have been looking for it everywhere and I know that other people are having trouble finding that shade too because it always out of stock. What do you guys think?

Have you seen these new eye liners from L'Oreal?

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