Thursday, July 18, 2013

Spotted: Maybelline FitMe Shine Free Foundation, New Blush Shades & New 24 Hour Pure Pigments

Hey everyone! If you guys didn't know, Maybelline has finally released a new foundation for their FitMe line. I am surprised that they came out with this product since its been a while since any drugstore brand came out with a stick foundation. It is the Maybelline FitMe Shine Free Foundation. This is a gel stick foundation that claims to keep you shine free throughout the day because of their anti-shine core. If you can tell from the picture, there is an inner core in the middle, which is white. That inner core claims to be the powder core which is what keeps you from being shiny while the outer core is the gel foundation. I haven't tried this yet but not sure if I am going to anytime soon unless its on sale since I am not familiar with stick foundations. If you have tried this before, please let me know how you like it.

They also came out with some new blush shades as well but for some reason, I can't remember if I took a picture of the blushes. I tried looking everywhere for that picture on my phone and etc. but can not find it for the life of me. LOL Either I accidentally deleted it or I just never took it in the first place. I do however have the names for the new shades. If I do end up going back to that store, I will try to remember to take some pictures of the blushes and make an announcement that I updated this post with the pictures! The names for the new shades are:
◊ Light Rose
◊ Medium Coral
◊ Deep Coral
◊ Deep Rose

Also another interesting new product from Maybelline is the Maybelline 24HR Pure Pigments! There are 12 new shades and I have to admit all of them are gorgeous! I heard that these are actually good quality but keep in mind, that they are pigments so they can get messy. I haven't tried these yet but I am assuming that people are going to be loving these as much as they love the Maybelline Color Tattoos.  I am definitely in love with the shade range that they have. They have colors great for the summer with the bold colors and some neutrals for all year around. I especially love the blue and most of the neutrals. If you have tried these already, please let me know how much you are loving them.

Definitely comment below if you have tried any of these products yet and how much you are loving them. I am not sure if you guys noticed in my pictures but I actually went to two different stores to take these pictures because my CVS store had those ugly security stickers all over the products, which makes it hard to see the colors and the actual product so I had to go to a Walgreens since they don't go all sticker crazy like CVS does.

Have you tried the new FitMe Shine Free foundation yet?
Have you tried the new blush shades for the FitMe line?
Have you tried the new 24HR Pure Pigments yet?

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  1. Hmm, I am very interested in that foundation stick!

    1. I have been wondering if I should buy it just so I could review it.

  2. I wanna try the stick foundation just cause I never tried one, lol. Waiting for a sale to pick one or two.

    1. LOL I never tried a stick foundation either.


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