Tuesday, December 4, 2012

SPOTTED: Revlon Holiday Glam Collection

Hey everyone! Oh my goodness! (LOL Typing that just reminded me of Shirley Temple on accident) But okay, onto my actual post. Its been such a long time since I've done a spotted post. I think its been months since my last one but its hard to do these sometimes since the CVS by my house usually doesn't carry new products and whenever they do, they would just add it to the regular displays, in the same slots as the regular core products. For instance, if Revlon came out with new LE shades for their Color Tattoo shadows, then the employees would just put the LE shades in th same slots behind the regular core shades. Its such a hassle and sometimes by the time I remember to go there and check, all the new products are gone. It makes me wonder if the person does that on purpose, just so the employee could buy it all for herself. Maybe she's or he's a makeup junkie. Who knows. So whenever I want to see new products in their original displays, then I would have to drive further to the other CVS and Walgreens since they have separate aisles for new makeup displays.

Since I had some extra time for the day, I decided to take a drive to a CVS store further away from my house. I usually don't like driving there sometimes because its in an area that gets a lot of traffic so that means that it takes me a while to get there and to get back home. Its such a hassle but hey, its all for makeup and for you guys too. While I was there, I spotted two new displays and bunch of older ones. I was actually hoping to see the new LE WnW display for the Sparkle Till Morning and the 1 <3 Mattes repromote palettes but they were already all sold out. Darn. Hopefully I will still be able to get my hands on them soon before they are all gone. One new display that I spotted is this Revlon Holiday Glam display, which includes false lashes and nail art.

This display comes with three new false lashes. Each are different designs and are called Natural Defining, Long Volumizing, and Double Wink. Plus the display also had the Glam Eye Kit, which includes nail arts in a storage case and a nail art adhesive. The nail kit is regularly priced at $7.99, which I don't think is worth the price since each color only has 4 of each and they are very small. If you are interested in nail art, I would just suggest going to the Dollar Tree or any dollar store since you can get more for your buck. The false lashes are $4.29, which is an alright price but I tend to use the lashes that comes in 10 sets in a box.

Overall, I think this is an okay collection. Really nothing special but if you are a Revlon lover, you might like this display.

Have you seen this Revlon Holiday Glam display?

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