Friday, December 14, 2012

Elegant Beauty Deluxe Accessory Kit

Hey everyone! I just want to show you guys what I bought at the Dollar Tree a few weeks ago. It is the Elegant Beauty Deluxe Accessory Kit. It contains 4 bra clips and a pair of clear bra staps. The bra clips come in clear, nude, black, and white. I bought these to hook my bras whenever I am wearing tanks and I don't want my bra straps to show in the back. These work with any bras. I have always been curious about these and have seen them in the infomercials late at night. Even though I have always wanted to try these, I didn't think that they were worth the $19.99 plus shippin & handling or however much they were. I just remember that they were over $10 so I was so happy to find these at my Dollar Tree for only a dollar plus tax!

So far I have tried these about three times and I really like them. They are really comfortable and I can't even tell or feel them on. I haven't tried the clear bra straps yet so I don't know how the quality on those are but I do like the bra straps. I do have to admit though that they are somewhat hard to put or maybe its because I have short arms and I can't reach in the back as much. I actually had to have my sister clip these on for me whenever I wear them. LOL All-in-all, I am very happy that I bought these. I can definitely see these becoming very useful with dresses as well.

Have you tried these before?
What do you think of the concept?

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