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Cyber Monday: ELF Studio Haul

Hey everyone! If you know me then you would know that I could never pass up a good sale from ELF. Every year they always come out with great sales and their most popular one if their 50% off sitewide sale. I was actually waiting for their 60% off sale but I guess they decided not to have it this year, which sucked but 50% off is still a great sale. Whenever I order from ELF, I always try to order a bunch because I hate paying for shipping and I only try to order from the once a year. Plus whenever they have their sale, it means that its time for me to stock up on their Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths. I also wanted to try their Studio Small Stipple brush it was sold out.

What I bought:
If you have tried this brush, then you can definitely see why I bought more than one. LOL I absolutely love this brush. I bought back-ups because I use this brush everyday to apply my liquid foundation. Its great for applying foundation as well as blending it out. Plus its super soft and dense at the same time. I have gone though so many of these and they hae never shred on me. The reason why I buy so many is because once I feel like the brush is too hard to clean and feels gunky from so many uses, I would throw it out and use a new one. Plus these are so inexpensive at $3 each but I always stock up during their 50% sale, meaning only $1.50 a brush!

This is a new brush that recently came out from ELF. I have yet to try it or wash it but it feels so soft. I bought this mainly to use to contour my face. It looks like its going to be perfect for that. You can also use this to apply highlight onto the top of your cheekbones as well as on the bridge of your nose. Plus it looks like you can also use this brush to apply setting powder onto your concealer for the under eye area. I don't do that but I have seen some people use this brush for that.

I have been meaning to get this for a while now but I always seem to forget to add it to my cart. As you can see, this time I actually remembered. I think this brush was actually $6 but with the sale, I bought it for $3. It is so soft. I can't wait to use it. I can definitely see myself either using this to apply powder to set my foundation or to blend everything together on my face. It is definitely one of the softest brush in my brush collection.

My lips have been peeling so much this winter. I think this is the first time where they have gotten this bad. Sometimes I can' even wear lipstick because they peel so much. I bought this to try out because I just can't justify paying around $10 for a tiny jar of lip exfoliator from Lush or Fresh. I have tried making my own but it goes bad so fast that I gave up on that. I have tried this so far and I really like it. I will probably be posting up a review on this soon.

I have heard so many great things about similar products like them, especially the one by Too Faced but since I just can justify paying that much, I decided to try this one out from ELF. Hopefully it will do the same job and work just as well. I bought this to try with my red lipsticks or bold color lipsticks since they tend to move around. This is supposed to keep my lipstick in place on my lips and to keep them from bleeding onto my skin.

Since my lips have been getting really dry this winter, I have been buying a bunch of lip balms. I already have "Peaceful Pink" and it goes on matte on me, meaning it isn't that moisturizing on my lips so I decided to try out these two. Hopefully they are more moisturizing and go on glossy. I wasn't going to buy anymore but then I remember seeing Hollyannaerie raving about these in one of her videos that I decided to give them another try. Hopefully these two will end up working for me. If you would like to see a review and swatches on all three shades, definitely let me know.

I didn't buy this but got it for free because I referred three friends after my order. I had actually gotten this before the last time I made an order but gave it away so I am glad that I got another one so I could try it out myself. On my order sheet, it said that I was actually supposed to get the ELF Eyeshadow Quad "Butternut" but for some reason, I got this instead. Oh well, I am not gonna complain because free is free.

These are actually new from ELF and I am super excited to finally have gotten my hands on these to try out. I actually wanted to get the rest of the shades available but I contained myself and only bought two that I would definitely see myself wearing. I haven't tried these yet but I can't wait to give them a try soon. Hopefully these will work out and won't just end up being a glittery mess on my cheeks.

These are also recently new from ELF. I never tried a baked bronzer before but I am excited to try these out. They are a bit on the shimmery side, looking at the pan but hopefully these will work out. I haven't tried these out yet but I will probably be using these as an all-over bronzer because of the finish.

This is also a new product. I actually have the powder version of this, which I bought sometime in the beginning of the year and wanted to try this one out since I heard that they came out with a cream version of it. I never tried a cream bronzer before but I have always been curious about one since the Chanel one as been popular. I know that they won't be the same but thats alright.

I love these makeup removers! I use these everyday and thats why I always buy a bunch to stock up on. They are great for removing my face and eye makeup. They have never irritated my eyes and never have been harsh on my face. If you have been looking for some great, affordable makeup remover wipes, you should definitely give them a try. They only come with 20 in a pack but the wipes are actually pretty big and I always only need one to wipe my entire face.

So that is all that I ordered from the Cyber Monday sale from ELF. If you haven't tried ELF yet, you should definitely give them a chance. Just because their products are inexpensive, that doesn't mean that their products are cheap. They actually have some great products and if you don't trust me, you should check out other peoples' review on them, especially on their ELF Studio Blushes! Their Studio Blushes are really great! Plus if you have been looking for a great foundation bush, I highly reccommend trying their Studio Powder Brush! If you would like to see reviews and/or swatches on any of these products in this haul, definitely let me know! Plus I just wanted to say that I hope you all had a great Christmas and have a happy holidays!!

Did you take advantage of the ELF Cyber Monday sale?
Have you tried any of these products before?

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