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November 2012 Favorites & No Forgets

Hey everyone! Whoa, can you guys believe it that this is the last month of 2012? Thats crazy because this year has flown by so fast. Plus if you guys haven't seen my previous blog post, on December 16, 2012 was the one year birthday of my blog! My makeup obsession was just starting and now its on the verge of being overboard. LOL Oh well, I don't really care because as long as it makes me happy, thats all that counts. This month is the month where I have been trying out some new products as well as using some products that I bought a while back but never got around to trying.

I am going to start first with the makeup brushes that I have been using constantly in November. Two of these brushes are brushes that I recently bought and am so glad that I did. If you didn't know, I have been buying Real Techniques lately because I have heard so many great things about their brushes and have always wanted to try them. Since ULTA was having them on sale last month and I had a coupon, I decided to take the plunge and buy them. I bought two sets and I have really been loving two of the brushes. The first brush is the Real Techniques Multi Task Brush, which I love using as my powder foundation brush or to apply powder onto my powder to set my liquid foundation. Plus it doesn't hurt that the handle is pink too! Haha! The second brush came in the same set and its the Real Techniques Domed Shadow Brush. To me, this is one of my favorite shadow brushes in my collection. This is just the perfect size for my lid and I can use just this one brush to do a whole eye look. One more brush that I have really been loving as well is my Coastal Scents Blending Brush, its just so soft and perfect for blending and applying a highlight onto the browbone.

Okay, now onto my current favorite face products! The first product is one that I bought a while back but never used it until November. My intention was to wait until I finished up a few other bronzers first but I guess since I hit pan on one of them, my mind decided that that was good enough. LOL Isn't that funny how the mind works? This bronzer is definitely one of the most talked about drugstore bronzer and it is the NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder "Sunny". Its just the perfect matte bronzer to contour with. I have heard that on some skintones, it can look a bit orangey but on my fair skin, its great to contour with. I love using this on my temples and on the sides of my face to contour. I just wish that the packaging was a bit better and not so cheap looking but them again, this is a fairly inexpensive bronzer. For my concealer, I have really been loving the MAC Studio Finish Concealer SPF35 "NW20". I bought this to cover up blemishes and acne but this actually makes my skin drier. Maybe it will work better in the summer when its less cold but I have really been liking this for my under eye area. Its a cream so it warms up by touch and blends easily onto the skin. For November, I have been switching back and forth between two foundations. If you have been keeping up with me, then you would already know that one of my favorite drugstore foundation is the Almay Clear Complexion Foundation "600 Sand". It doesn't irritate my face but I wish that the coverage was a bit better. The other foundation that I have really been liking is the CoverGirl NatureLuxe Foundation "340". I only use this on the days where I don't feel like wearing a lot of makeup and don't want to wear sunscreen (either that or I couldn't find it LOL) because this already has SPF30.

For my eyes, I have been liking a couple of products. The first one is of course obvious, which is the Lorac Pro Palette. I have been using this everyday since I bought it and have been neglecting my NAKED palette. I just love how this palette has everything for a whole eye look. I just wish that there was less to no fallout but I just need to remember to tap my brush before applying shadow onto my eye, especially when using Nude and Champagne since those two shades tend to have the most fallout. Another product for my eyes that I have really been loving is the Physicians Formula Eye Boosting Lash Enhancing Felt-Tip Eyeliner + Serum "Brown". I actually wanted the black one but my store was sold out and I really wanted to try this so I went with the only color. I bought this because my ELF eye lash curler cut some of my lashes in half and I wanted to find the miracle product to help my lashes grow back faster. Never buying that eye lash curler again! I don't really know if it works but my lashes seem longer since using them. They look like they were never cut in half but of course, it took me a while to grow them back since I was using this for about three months. My lashes could have grown on their own or with the help of this but I will never know. Either way it makes it super easy to apply eyeliner onto my top line. One primer that I have been using everyday is the ELF Eyelid Primer. Its only a dollar and my lids don't get oily so I just use this to make my shadows more vibrant. This month I have been trying out different mascaras or combining them to find the perfect way to make them look longer. The mascara that I have been loving is the Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara "Black". The first couple times that I have tried this, I didn't really like this mascara. It didn't do anything for my lashes but since then, its been getting better. I think its because it was too wet and I had to wait for the formula to dry up a bit. It just makes my lashes look longer and it doesn't smudge on me.

If you have read some of my other posts, then you know that my lips have been acting weird these past few months since trying the L'Oreal Infallible lipsticks. I have been trying to find the perfect lip balm to heal my lips back to normal but so far, nothing has really healed them. Plus since its been getting cold lately, my lips have drier than usual and makes it harder for me to wear lipsticks. I had remembered that I had bought the ELF Studio Conditioning Lip Balm SPF15 "Peaceful Pink". I really like the shade but actually wish that this was more moisturizing. On my lips, it goes on somewhat on the matte side, which is weird because its a lip balm. I just like using it because of the color that it gives my lips but its not very moisturizing as I would have hoped.I wonder if its because I might have gotten a bad batch but I did recently buy some in other shades so I will try them.

If you saw my previous monthly favortes post, then you would already know about this product. Plus I already have a review on it so I am not going to go into too much detail on it but it is the Burt's Bees Intense Hydration Night Cream. My skin has really been getting dry lately so this cream just gives my face and neck the moisture that it needs.Plus it never makes my face feel heavy or oily in the morning. Sorry that I forgot to include a picture of it in this post, but if you would like to see more and check out my review, you can CLICK HERE.

The last thing that I have really been loving is my VS Noir Tease Perfume! I love this scent for all year around. Plus I love the pump that it comes with because its so cute. I just wish that it sprayed a bit better. Either way, I love this so much and have already used up two mini ones of this scent.

So those are all my favorite products! This month, I didn't have any products that I wish I could forget about or regret buying. If you would like to see any reviews on products that I haven't reviewed yet, definitely let me know! I will probably be posting up a review with swatches on the ELF Studio Conditioning Lip Balms that I bought recently as well as the one featured in this post. If you have any questions regarding any of these products, let me know as well!

Have you tried any of these products before?
What products have you been loving in November 2012?
Are there any products that you regret buying or wish that you could forget about?

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  1. Real Techniques brushes are THE BEST! I've also heard many raves about the Lorac Palette but I have so many natural eye shadows T__T

    Check out my blog at: Caught in a Daze.

    1. Yeah they are pretty good but I am not sure if I would call them the best. I still have a bunch more different brands to try like someday, hopefully Sigma and MAC brushes. LOL Thats what I thought about with my collection as well. I debated so many times on whether to buy the Lorac palette but in the end, I love it so much!


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