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My Online Black Friday Haul (Both Sephora & Ulta)

Hey everyone! I have been a little late posting up these hauls but I have been busy these past few weeks. This is actually my first Black Friday where I actually bought makeup from both ULTA and Sephora. Last year I did get a chance to visit a Sephora but didn't buy anything. Plus for ULTA last year, I wanted to go but I forgot to stop by there. They had so many great items on sale last year but this year wasn't that bad. I actually ordered all this stuff online because I was worried that if I had waited and went to the stores, everything would have been sold out. Plus sometimes you get better deals online with certain coupon codes. I am actually going to talk about what I bought from ULTA first and then Sephora last.

What I bought from ULTA:
If you have been following my posts then you would know that I recently gotten my hands on some Laura Geller products and since then I have been wanting to try out more of her products. This set was $20, which isn't that bad because Laura Geller products are usually on the pricey side. This set includes two eyeshadow brushes and two eyeshadow quads. I actually think this is a pretty good stocking stuffer because each quad and brush is wrapped in tissue paper and is in its own box so you can just split them up as two gifts.

I was pretty happy when I found out about this kit. I have really been loving Tarte products and have heard so many great things about their Amazonian Clay 12HR Blushes that I am so happy to have gotten one for a good price. Plus everything in this kit is full size, which makes it an even better deal. This kit comes with the Amazonian Clay 12HR Blush "Flush" and an Amazonian Clay Waterproof Cream Eyeshadow "Slate." Plus it also comes with their Bamboo Cream Shadow Brush. This set was only $22, whereas if I had bought all three separately, it would have cost a whole lot more.

With my purchase, I received four samples, which was a surprise. I thought I was only going to get three but for some reason, I got four instead. Maybe it was a mistake or maybe they always give out four with every order. Just like Sephora, they let you choose which samples you would like with your order so of course, I picked out all the cologne/perfume samples. I don't know why but I just love collecting purfume samples!

Also I was able to use a code that allowed me to get a free 11PC. ULTA CLUTCH. You were able to choose which clutch you would want but I guess I ordered a bit late since this was the only option available. Oh well, better free than nothing! The clutch is pretty cute and I can definitely see myself using it sometime. Plus it came with a bunch of ULTA products like:
  • ULTA Lipstick "218 Good Year For Wine"
  • ULTA Instant Nourish Facial Moisturizer
  • ULTA Blush "Adore"
  • ULTA Dual-ended Eyeliner "Deep Brown & Black"
  • ULTA Super Shiny Lipgloss "#18 Stellar"
  • ULTA Legendary Lengths Mascara "Jet Black"
  • ULTA Nail Polish "Femme Fatale"
  • ULTA Brushes: Contour Brush, Eyeshadow Brush, & Sponge Tip Brush

So those are all the products that I bought on Black Friday from ULTA. The ULTA Black Friday sale wasn't as popular as I thought it was because I still see these two sets selling in stores. I just wish that I had gotten the Urban Decay 2 piece travel set because that one was sold out instantly. I think the set included a primer potion and their popular all-night setting spray. I am so excited to try out all these products! Plus I am super happy that I finally gotten my hands on a Tarte Amazonian Clay 12HR Blush!! I have already played around with the blush sometimes and its super pigmented. I definitely need to be careful whenever I use this blush and remember to tap my brush lightly. Other than that, I am super happy with my Black Friday purchase!

Okay, now onto my Black Friday Sephora haul!! I also ordered all these online and felt like it took FOREVER to get to me, even though it was just a week. LOL I was actually happy with the deals that Sephora was having but the one deal that I was most excited about was the Tarte mascara set. I actually received a deluxe size of the Tarte regular mascara before and I really liked it that I wanted to buy it and try out other Tarte mascaras. I also actually had time to visit a Sephora store as well and bought two other products but I forgot to include them in this haul. I will probably just post them in another haul. What do you guys think? Should I still post up my instore Sephora haul?

What I bought online from Sephora:
I actually found this in the sale section on the website and have been debating on whether to get this. I only own one Sephora polish so I thought that this set would be great to try out their other polishes. Plus it was such a great deal since you get four polishes for only $7. This nail polish set comes with a shimmer, matte, creme, and glitter polish all in the Tangerine Tango color. I haven't tried this set out yet but I can't wait because both the shimmer and glitter finish look like they would be gorgeous on the nails.

This set was one of the $10 Black Friday deals that Sephora was having. I actually bought two because I thought that it was such a great deal since both items in the kit were full size! It comes with Lorac's Behind the Scenes Eye Shadow Primer and a single eyeshadow in "Serenity," which is described as a shimmering light bronze. Since this kit was only $10, you are basically paying $5 for each product, which is definitely cheaper than buying a drugstore eyeshadow primer and a drugstore single eyeshadow together or separately. I actually bought two because it was such a great deal that I felt the need to buy two. LOL

This was also another $10 deal on Black Friday. To tell you the truth, I actually returned this after I took the pictures. Once I got it in the mail and checked out the colors in the palette, I didn't really like it. In my opinion, its a great neutral palette but I knew that some of the colors would just look orangey on my eyes. This is a good deal because you get two full size products and the Stila Lip Glaze definitely costs more than $10 on its own. I actually already have a deluxe size of the Stila Lip Glaze "Kitten" and I didn't really like the color on my lips. Even through the palette is cute and a great price, I actually don't regret returning this.

This was also anoter one of the $10 deals for Black Friday! This kit comes with a full size Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara and a deluxe size of the Lash Enhancing Primer. I actually wished that the kit would have came with a full size primer as well because I love their lash primer. I love using it with my other drugstore mascaras as well. I bought two because I thought it was such a great deal. Plus I would regret it if I ended up loving the mascara and would have to pay full price for another one.

Also, as always with every Sephora online order, you get to choose three samples. I always try to get perfume samples with my order because I love collecting perfume samples and also because they are great to just throw in your purse. I picked out one from Prada, Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy, and Viktor&Rolf FlowerBomb. I have heard so many people loving the FlowerBomb so I am glad that I got a sample of it with my order to try it out!

I also had some points on my account so I decided to use 100 points to get the Diesel LoverDose Perfume. I never smelled this before getting it with my order. I was worried and hesitate on getting this with my points but I thought that the mini bottle was just so darn cute! If you can't tell, the bottle is in the shape of a heart and its glass materal. Its purple and looks really cute with my other perfumes. I have smelled this already and its just smells alright but I think I just need to get used to the scent.

So that is all that I ordered on Black Friday online from Sephora! I also used a code to get a 12 month subscription to a magazine but I forget the name of it. It might have been either Lucky or Glamour. Hopefully they magazines will start arriving to my mailbox soon. All-in-all, I think this haul was definitely a great deal, especially with the magazine offer. Let me know if you would like to see a review or swatches on any certain product. Plus let me know if you also took advantage of the magazine subscription from Sephora online.

Did you buy any of these on Black Friday?
Did you buy online or went to a store?
Have you tried any of these products before?

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