Tuesday, December 4, 2012

SPOTTED: Kourtney Kim Khloe KHROMA Beauty

Hey everyone! If you guys didn't know already, the Kardashians sisters came out with a makeup line. Plus there was also some drame (as always) about the KHROMA name since it is already taken by another high-end brand and didn't want people to get confused by the cheap brand from the Kardashians. Its like they do this on purpose to get more attention since it seems like they are always getting sued over almost eveything (ie. credit card line) that they come out with but thats just my opinion. Anyways onto the makeup! I got a bit side-tracked there. LOL

KHROMA was actually just released last month, I think and so far, I have seen this display at both Ulta and CVS only. I don't know if its just sold exclusively at the two stores only but so far, those are the only places where I have seen this display. KHROMA is a makeup brand designed by the three sisters, which I am surprised that their mom didn't try to hussle her way into this brand as well. This collection seems to come with a nude lip kit that has a nude lip liner and a lip gloss (retails $16.29), an eye kit that comes with eyeshadow palette, pair of eyelashes, sponge applicator, and an eyeliner (retails for $16.29), and a complete face palette (retails $13.99). There are three separate complete face palettes, each featured by a sister. Those little complete face palettes remind me so much of the Too Faced Glamour To Go palettes.

I haven't tried any of these and probably won't ever buy these unless I can get it for free with a sale and coupons but other than that, I'm not really interested in this makeup line. I have already seen a couple of reviews on these products and barely any of the comments are positive. Most of the reviews say that the makeup either has a bad smell (the lipgloss) and/or the eyeshadows are just bad quality. If you are interested in this line, I would highly suggest checking out the reviews before you go all crazy and buy a bunch from their line but thats just my opinion.

Have you seen the KHROMA Beauty line?
What do you think about the Kardashians sisters?
Will you buy any of these products?

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