Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Hey everyone! So if you didn't know, CVS had a BOGO FREE on Wet N' Wild cosmetics!! I know that WnW products are already inexpensive but getting them BOGO FREE is an even better deal. I didn't get much because I arrived late into the sale and was there on the last day. It wasn't my luckiest day as you will soon see why later into the post. I didn't know what I wanted when I got t CVS but I knew that I had to pick up something. I was hoping to see if there were any of the new 8pan palettes from WnW since I heard that they were popping up at certain CVS stores but I was out of luck. None of the CVS stores that I went to had them, which was a bummer. Since I didn't get my hands on any of the new LE 8pan palettes, I decided to cheer myself up with some other products instead.

What I bought:
WnW MegaLast Nail Polish "217B Disturbia"
WnW MegaLast Nail Polish "203B 2% Milk"
WnW MegaGlo Illuminating Powder "348 Starlight Bronze"
WnW MegaGlo Illuminating Powder "345 Catwalk Pink"

I was hoping to get some bright nail polish colors but the stores that I went were mostly out of stock. I only picked up two because I already have way more nail polishes than I would ever need in a lifetime. I decided to pick up Disturbia, which is a fall shade since I don't really have that many dark shades in my collection. I also picked up 2% Milk because I don't have many nudes in my collection. It looks like it could be a bit sheer but I am sure that I could work with it. Since there weren't many polishes in stock, I picked up two face products that I have always been curious about. Plus the past few months, I have really been into illuminating powders and highlighters. I picked up two, which I think are the only two that WnW carries. I was a bit disappointment since the majority of the highlighting powders were broken and smashed. They all looked like they were thrown around for fun. I was happy that I found Catwalk Pink still intact but since it was a BOGO FREE deal, I took Starlight Bronze as well. There were only two Starlight Bronzes left and they were both broken.

I took all my items and asked the cashier if they gave out any sort of discounts on broken items. LOL I knew that CVS stores don't do that but I had to ask anyways because it never hurts to ask. The cashier told me that since the last two were broken, I could bring it back when they restocked and exchanged it for a new one as long as I had the receipt. So far I have been back four times and they still haven't restocked. I even went to other CVS stores in my area as well and they have broken ones too, which is weird. Hopefully my CVS store will restock soon because I would love to start using it and reviewing it. So those are all the products that I bought! If you have tried any of these products, definitely let me know because I would love to hear if you ended up loving them or not.

Did you take advantage of the BOGO FREE sale?
What WnW products would you recommend?
Have you tried any of these products before?

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