Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Jewelry Haul

Hey everyone! I have been meaning to do this post for a while now but for some reason, it always got pushed back. Maybe its because of all the spotted posts that I try to keep up with. Anyways, this store was closing down in my area and I went in not knowing what to get but was hoping to score a couple of better than great deals. I mean if a store is closing down, thats when you definitely need to go crazy and not have to worry about the prices because everything is clearanced down. I know you all feel the same way as me!! At this store, I guess I arrived a bit late because pretty much everything was wiped out and they employees had closed down all the aisles and only left a small area of the front of store open to shoppers. I sort of wished that I had found out earlier but oh well. As I was walking around, I spotted these bracelets from the brand Pure Expressions. I knew that they would be great for stacking with other bracelets. They are just silver beads with mint blue round beads. I thought that they were so cute and definitely a great deal since they were originally $5.99 but I bought them for $0.60 plus tax!! I am a bit sad that this was the only thing that I could find that wasn't damaged or messed with but I am still happy that I walked out with these!!

Since I decided to post up a jewelry haul, I thought that I should post up another piece that I bought. As I was waking up and getting ready to do my makeup, I opened up the blinds to my window and noticed that across the street from my house, the neighbors were having a garage sale. Heck yeah, especially since if I bought a bunch of stuff, I wouldn't have to carry everything so far since all I had to do was cross the street. Haha! I didn't know what they were selling but I wanted to check it out anyways but I love garage sales since they tend to have some good things on sale. Plus another man's junk is another man's treasure. Haha! Apparently they were just selling some old furniture but the lady was selling some Mary Kay items. I guess she's a representative for Mary Kay since she also had some brochures. She was selling a bunch of jewelry pieces, skincare, and some makeup. I wasn't really into the makeup or skincare since when I opened up the drawers holding them, the space was hot. I guess they had it stored in a hot place before the garage sale. I didn't want to risk it since makeup and skincare items tend to go bad when they are stored in hot places. Plus she was selling them for regular price, which I checked in the brochures. If I was interesting in any of the products, I would rather order online from the Mary Kay items since they would be brand new and stored correctly. Anywhos, I did end up liking some of the jewelry pieces that she was selling. She had a bunch of duplicates. One piece that I was interested in was this necklace. I thought that it would be perfect with a dress and/or a casual outfit. Its a pretty heavy piece and looked like it wouldn't be rusting anytime soon. The closure is a twist off, which I didn't really like but was fine with. I tried it on and instantly loved it. I bought it for only $3, which isn't that bad in my opinion for a necklace. So that was all that I bought at the garage sale.

Do you love shopping at garage sales?
What do you think about this necklace?
Have you ever gone crazy for deals at a closing store?
What do you think about these bracelets?

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