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New Products: Revlon, Andrea, & Ardell

Hey everyone! A few days ago, I was driving around doing errands and saw that there was a CVS near me. I don't get the weekly advertisments from CVS anymore for some weird reason, so whenever I have time, I always try to stop by a CVS once in a while to check out their sales. While I was walking around the beauty aisles, I noticed a new disply from Revlon. If you didn't know already, Revlon recently came out with a collection for Fall 2012. This new collection is called the Shanghai collection by Gucci Westman. I really like this display because the pictures of Emma Stone are very pretty. Plus I like how the display comes with a booklet that shows you the looks that you can create using the products in this display. This is a very big collection, in my opinion, that includes lipsticks, nail polishes, eye shadow palette, and nail art stencils.

The first thing that I spotted were the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks. In this display, there were a total of six but there was only three new shades. There was just doubles of each shade. The three new shades are 028 Cherry Blossom, 029 Red Lacquer, and 030 Pink Pearl. Both Cherry Blossom and Red Lacquer look like gorgeous fall shades but Pink Pearl looks like it would go great with a bunch of different looks. These all have pearl finishes, which I am not much a fan of since frosty/pearly finishes make my lips look like they're peeling. These were regularly priced at $7.99 plus tax but CVS tends to have BOGO 50% off sales.

This display also included Revlon Top Speed nail polishes. I can't remember the exact price for these Top Speed polishes but I think they were priced around $5 to $6 plus tax. There are four shades and there were two of each shade in the display. The new shades are 041 Sterling, 042 24K, 043 Forbidden, and 044 Oreint Express. All these shades look very gorgeous and definitely great for the fall, especially since metallics and dark shades are in.

One of the product that I saw that was very interesting was that Revlon came out with a 6 pan eye shadow palette. What makes it more interesting is that its a cream eye shadow palette called Midnight Express. I have a couple of cream shadows from Revlon and I really like this. I didn't get this palette because I wasn't really sure about the colors and if the formula and consistency was the same as the ones that I bought months ago. There was also an eye look that you can recreate using this palette in the booklets that were on the displays. The palette was priced $10.49, which in my opinion is a bit pricey for a cream shadow palette but I think it was more becasue the collection was designed by Gucci Westman.

The last things that I spotted in th display were some Revlon Nail Art Stencils. These nail art stencils are to help "channel the orient this season by accessorizing nails with a cherry blossom." On the display, it shows you all the different combinations that you can create using both the nail art stencils and the Fast Dry polishes. I actually like all the combinations that they created. Plus I love how the cherry blossoms look on the nails. These nail art stencils were priced for $4.99 plus tax. I thought that these stencils were very cute but I wish that they had other designs as well besides just having the cherry blossom design.

So hopefully this spotted post was very helpful and I hope that you guys have already started spotting this display at your local drugstores. If you have already bought any of these products, please leave a comment below because I would love to know what products you guys bought. Of if you bought any and created looks with them, I would also love to see pictures. Anyways, let me know what you think of the collection and if there were any products that you would be on the lookout for! While at CVS, I also spotted another Revlon display!!  I don't know about you but I love seeing new displays because of all the new products. This new display is mainly meant for Halloween because they featured some great Halloween shades. Plus with this display, you can "trick out your tips" using these products. In this display, there were new shades for the Revlon Top Speed line and some new nail art stencils, which Revlon recently started coming out with.

When I first saw this display, I first noticed the nail art stencils. These were priced at $4.99 plus tax. Sweet Sinister comes with six new nail art stencils. Each stencil has a different design. Some of these designs were very cute and definitely in trend now. Some I could actually see being popular, especially among teens. The designs that I saw were spiders, mustaches, cross skulls, stars, hearts, and bows. I thought that the mustaches, hearts and bows were so cute. I would definitely consider getting those but am waiting for a good sale. When I went, Revlon wasn't on sale. I plan on buying these someday since CVS tends to have Revlon on sale often like BOGO 50% off.

The next products in the display were some Revlon Fast Dry polishes. There are four new shades for this collection, which are all great for fall and this upcoming Halloween. The new shades are Wicked Star, Haunted Heart, Spooky Skull, and Black Magic. I really think that these polishes are great combined with the nail art stencils included in this collection. Wicked Star looks like a gorgeous mermaid green. Haunted Heart is a bright orange. Spooky Skull is like a bright florescent white. Black Magic is just your plain black. Each of these polishes retail for $5.99, which is your typical price for Top Speed polishes at CVS.

So that is all the products in the Sweetly Sinister collection. Let me know if you have spotted this collection at your local drugstores yet. Plus if you were interested in any of these products shown and will be keeping an eye out for. I will probably be back for some of the nail art stencils but am going to look online for reviews first to make sure that they are good and not flimsy stencils.

Since there was a Walgreens near by, I decided to go there as well. While I was at Walgreens, I noticed some new displays right by the entrance. One of the first displays that I spotted was one by Andrea. I never tried Andrea lashes before and haven't heard much about them. I have heard more about Ardell lashes but never anything about Andrea lashes. If you have tried Andrea lashes before, definitely let me know if they are any good or not. In this display, there were four different designs. All four are great for the upcoming Halloween. I really like how these lashes had names. In this collection, they had Pixie Dust, Enchantress, Fairy Wings, and Bat Girl. I didn't end up getting any of these because I wasn't sure how the quality was and if the band was flexible. One of the things that I liked about this display was that some of the lashes had looks that included both upper and bottom false lashes. The one that I thought of buying and really liked was the Bat Girl design because of how full and long the lashes are. All the lashes came with an Andrea LashGrip Eyelash Adhesive, which Andrea also sells individually. The lashes that didn't come with false bottom lashes included a lash applicator, which I thought was very nice because eat set came with three pieces.

Since Halloween is nearly around the corner, a lot of companies have been coming out with different styles for false lashes. This collection has a bunch of out there styles that are really going to grab attention. I can see these being worn with a bunch of costumes. All the lashes in this collection are on the fuller side. In this collection, there are about six new designs "for wildly gorgeous eyes." They didn't have any names on them or any numbers for each style. I didn't buy any but sort of wish that I did buy one of the styles because I really like how full they are. Plus they came with a glue but usually I don't use the glue that comes with lashes because they aren't that good but I can't really say anything about the Ardell lash glue because I never tried it before. If you have tried any of these lashes before, please leave a comment letting me know how you like them. Also if the glue that comes with these lashes is any good.

Have you seen any of these displays at your local drugstores?
Which ones are you looking forward to getting your hands on?

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