Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lisa's Sephora Haul (Feat. Sephora Goodies & Samples)

Hey everyone! Sorry its been such a long time since the last time I posted and commented. Its been a month and I miss it so much. I have been so busy this month with family stuff that I couldn't spare anytime online. I barely even had any time to go on the Internet and whenever I did, I was just way too tired that I just couldn't force myself to go online. I am so glad to finally be back and hope that everyone is doing okay. LOL Some of you probably didn't even notice that I was gone. Haha!

Okay onto the actual haul. This haul was actually done last month during my birthday week. I mainly wanted to go to Sephora to get my birthday gift but I got sucked into buying other stuff as well. I saw that Sephora had a bunch of items on sale on their website a couple of months ago. I didn't want to buy online because my total wasn't going to reach $50 to get free shipping so I decided to go to an actual Sephora store to see if they had any of these items on sale as well. As you can see, I hit the jackpot and got pretty much everything that I wanted online but instore. Yay! Plus it was better because I got to see the actual products in person and I got my birthday gift.

What I bought:
Sephora Hot Hues Neon Lip Balm "Hot Pink" $3USD
Sephora Hot Hues Neon Lip Balm "Funky Fuchsia" $3USD
This was originally $10USD but is now on clearance for $3. I personally can not believe that anybody was spend $10 on this. Sephora describes this as a "moisturizing lipstick with a sheer, neon tint." I don't know why Sephora would call this a lipstick but then have the words "lip balm" on the actual products. Sephora says "this lip treat combines the hydrating benefits of a lip balm with the sheer tint of a lipstick. The pop of neon color will highlight any look and the long-wearing formula means you can keep your pout both moisturized and flashy from day into night." I might actually return these but I am not sure because they were only $3 each. These are really sheer and not at all moisturizing. What do you guys think?

Sephora Highlighting Compact Powder "Rose" $5USD
I have really been into highlighters this past summer so I have been trying out different highlighters. Since this was on sale, I decided to give it a try. Plus it looks like it will give a gorgeous pink glow onto the cheeks. Plus I love pink blushes so a pink highlighter will probably go best with it. I just started getting into highlighting so let me know if I am wrong. I haven't given this a try yet but I will definitely let you know once I do.

Sephora Silk Blush Bronzer Duo "Argentinean Duo" $7USD
This compact is pretty big compared to the usual drugstore round compacts. Its so hard to find space for it in my makeup storage that I am rethinking my makeup storage. LOL Plus I love how it comes with a huge mirror! This comes with a matte bronzer and a peachy orange blush with shimmer. I am not much of a fan of the blush but that could be because I love my pink shades. Other than that, its a great compact to bring during the day. If you would love to see swatches and/or a review, definitely let me know.

Sephora Hot Hues Baked Eyeshadow Palette "Burnished Cocoa" $7USD
I have been wanting this the most since I saw pictures of it on the Sephora website. When I got home and opened up the compact, I thought the shades were really pretty but when I swatched the colors, I wasn't totally in love. I swatched them both wet and dry and they weren't that pigmented on the eyes. When I swatched them on my fingers or on my hand, they were pigmented but once on the eyes, they were kind of dull. I don't know if its just me or maybe I am using the wrong brushes. I am going to try to figure out a way t use this before I decided to return it or not.

Okay, now onto my samples and my birthday gift from Sephora. If you didn't know already, Sephora gives Beauty Insiders a mini gift for their birthdays each year. Each year, the gift is different and you could pick up your gift two weeks before and after your birthday. I didn't get a chance to pick up last years gift but I made sure to pick up this years' gift. This years' gift was a mini two-piece set of the Fresh Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Duos. It comes with a clear balm and a tinted one.

I also got a couple of samples because you got leave Sephora with a couple of samples! I was only able to get away with three samples. LOL I wish that they were more generous with their samples, especially if they want people to try out more products and buy them. The samples that I got were:
Tarte Flawless 12HR Brightening Primer
Hourglass Mineral Primer Oil Free SPF15
Korres Antiaging & Antiwrinkle Night Cream

So those are all the little goodies that I got on my trip to Sephora. If you would like to see a review and/or swatches of any of these products, definitely let me know. Plus if there are any primers that you are loving, please let me know and I will definitely ask for a sample of it the next time I am there. I am so glad that I am finally back and able to post again. I actually miss it!!

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