Friday, August 24, 2012

Review/Swatches: Wet N Wild MegaEyes Creme Eyeliner "886 Black"

Hey everyone! If you didn't know already, I bought this eyeliner from CVS a few months back when they had their $1.50 sale on Wnw products that were originally priced $1.99USD and over. I had about two $1 off coupons so I paid $0.50 plus tax for this eyeliner. I bought three of these because they were such a great deal. I bought one black and 1 eggplant but haven't tried the eggplant one yet. I was going to try out both of them during the same time but I didn't know how fast they were going to dry out so I thought it would be better to try one at a time, just in case. By the way, sorry about the old watermarks, these were pictures that I took a while back and have been meaning to use.

This eyeliner comes in glass packaging with the cheap plastic top. It also comes with a mini eyeliner brush. I haven't tried the eyeliner brush yet so I don't know if its any good. I am not usually good with applying gel/cream eyeliners with those kind of brushes so I don't even bother with them. LOL I wish that the packaging was a bit more sturdier. I wish that they had made it with a more sturdier top because sometimes I feel like the air could still get in and dry up the product faster. I like the tops on the Maybelline gel liners before because they are more sturdier and tight closed. Because of that, I like to keep this eyeliner in a small zip lock bag. I feel like with the ziploc bag, it actually helps a little bit.

This eyeliner is pretty pigmented. It doesn't take that long to apply it onto my eyes. It applies smoothly with no patches. I like to use my ELF Studio Angled Eyeliner brush with this eyeliner, in case any of you were wondering but pretty much any eyeliner brush will work fine with this. Always make sure to use a clean brush with this for a perfect, smooth application otherwise it will apply patchy.

The first time I tried this, I swatched it on my hand to try how it would last if I rubbed my hand. When I rubbed my hand, it actually stayed. It didn't come off. When I wore it on my eyes, that was a different story. It stayed on my eyelids pretty great but during the day, I would get these little tiny flakes. I have monolids that fold over my lash line and because of that, throughout the day, the liner started to flake off in certain places. So far, only two gel/cream liners have left flakes all over my eyes and this WnW one is of them. I think if you have double lids, then this liner would probably work out for you.

This eyeliner retails for around $3.99USD but sometimes you can get it on sale, depending on the drugstore and their weekly sales. You can find it at most drugstores that carry the Wet N Wild line. I have seen this at CVS, Walgreens, RiteAid, Ulta and Walmart.

Overall, I would not purchase this again. I regret buying two extras during the sale. LOL I might just have to give them away and hope that they find a better home. I am definitely going to try to finish up the one that I am currently using but I must admit that I barely use it now. Its just such a big con that it would flake off because sometimes the little flakes would get inside my eyes. If you ever get anything small stuck on your eyeballs, then you would definitely know how irritating it is. Please let me know if you have ever tried this gel/cream eyeliner before. I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions about this product.

Have you ever tried this WnW gel/cream eyeliner before?
Do you hate eyeliners that flake on your during the day?
Which drugstore gel/cream eyeliners have you tried and love so far?

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