Tuesday, August 28, 2012

SPOTTED: WnW Get The Fergie Look Eye Kits (Plus Swatches!!)

Hey everyone! Guess what? WnW has now come out with new eye kits for Fergie. Recently they came out with nail polishes and now they have eye kits. Plus whats even better is that the displays have testers for the shadows! So stay tuned if you would like to see the swatches! In this display, WnW has come out with three new eye kits. Each one has different products and different shades to all be used to come up with different looks. Each of these kits are $7.99 (according to the sticker on the packaging) but Walgreens is selling them for a penny more at $8.00 each, which is fine since its just a penny. LOL

Each kit has a different name. They are Glamour-Eyes, Ferga-Vicious, and Fergie Ferg Fresh. To tell you the truth, I don't really like any of the names for these kits. The only one that is okay with me is the Glamour-Eyes name but the other two names are just weird IMO. What do you guys think?
As far as I know, each kit comes with a quad, eyeliner pencil, liquid eyeliner, mascara, shadow brush, and a brow brush.I am not much of a fan of WnW, except for their blushes and eyeshadows. The shadow brush in the kits all looked like they were scratchy but I could be wrong since I didn't try them out.

For those who love WnW shadows, I can tell that these shadows in these kits are similar in formulation and pigmented. If you are unsure about these shadows, you can use the testers provided in the displays. All the shadows were soft to the touch and only required one swipe for pigmentation. I do like the shades in each kit but I wish that they had also came out with a neutral eye kit since I love neutral shades. If you agree with me, let me know!

I think this collection is only going to be sold at Walgreens but if I am wrong, please correct me. For me, I don't think I am going to be getting any of these kits, mainly because I already have way too many makeup in my collection that I either need to finish up or just use. LOL Plus none of the products in the kit really interest me that much. What about you guys? Do you feel the same way as me?

Have you seen this display at your Walgreens yet?
Are you interested in any of these kits and which ones?

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  1. My friend just gave me ferga vicious eye kit wet n wild for Christmas and I think its great and really useful!! :) thank you for all the info really helped

    1. That one looks gorgeous for creating smokey eye looks. That was sweet of your friend to get you that kit for Christmas! Glad to hear that you think its great and useful.


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