Tuesday, August 28, 2012

SPOTTED: Revlon Runway Report LE Sparkle Aplenty Nail Polish

Hey everyone! In case you didn't know already, Revlon has done it again! They recently came out with a new LE shade. This display only contains one shade, Sparkle Aplenty. This display contains 10 so hopefully by the time, you make it to the store, there will still be some left. Usually whenever Revlon comes out with displays with only one shade, they tend to be dupes for higher-end brand polishes like with Carbonite and Perplex. Both were dupes for previous Chanel polishes!

So far, Sparkle Aplenty doesn't look like its a dupe to any Chanel polishes but I have heard that its somewhat similar (but not actually a dupe) to OPI Metallic 4 Life. Both polishes are a little bit similar but they are still different. Both polishes have a black base with silver hexagonal glitter with small silver glitters as well. I have seen swatches of both online and I have to say that Metallic 4 Life is packed with more glitter than Sparkle Aplenty. Metallic 4 Life has way more small silver glitters while Sparkle Aplenty has more of the big silver hexagonal glitters. Either way, both polishes are gorgeous!

What do you guys think of Sparkle Aplenty?
Are you guys planning on buying this shade?

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