Thursday, July 26, 2012

SPOTTED: Maybelline LE Shades Great Lash Mascara

Hey everyone! Yesterday I went to Walgreens and I spotted a new display. While I was walking through the makeup aisles, this one display was the one that caught my eye right when I walked in. It was really colorful and had a "wheel" design on it. If you didn't know already, Maybelline came out with some new shades for their Great Lash mascaras. You're probably thinking, what do you mean new shades? What other color can they come out with they already have clear, black, an brown?

Well, now they have four new colors. All of these colors are definitely great for the summer. They have blue, green, purple, and teal. I really like the name of the shades: totally teal, pop of purple, blink of blue, and go go green. I love how on the display they have looks that you can wear with the colored mascaras. I am definitely feeling the teal and purple, mainly because purple complements brown eyes.

I don't know the price of these but I am assuming that they might be the same price as the regular Great Lash mascaras, which I love. I always repurchase because its a great mascara. I especially love the waterproof formula because I use it whenever its rainy outside or whenever I am going to the beach. I don't know if these are waterproof or not but I don't think that they are.

Have you seen this display yet?
Would you buy colored mascara?
How do you feel about the Great Lash mascaras?

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