Tuesday, August 28, 2012

SPOTTED: L'Oreal New York Nudes LE Nail Polish Collection

Hey everyone! Today, I had some extra time and decided to go to a Walgreens that was a little bit far from my house since the one by my house sucks with new displays. This Walgreens is always great with new products so if I ever have extra time, I like going to this one better. I did spot a couple of new displays but I am going to post each display (or "collection) in their own post because I don't want to mix any of them up. LOL

One display that I spotted was a new LE (aka "limited edition") collection from L'Oreal. They came out with new LE shades for their Colour Riche nail polishs. This collection is called New York Nudes and it features nudes and brown shades, which I really think are great shades for the fall. Plus some of the nude shades are definitely great for those who do office work. If you didn't know already, this collection has 6 new LE shades. I don't know how opaque these nail polishes are but on the actual display, it says that these are full coverage. If anybody has tried these before, please let me know because I love polishes that only require one coat.

The six new LE shades in this collection are:
201 Park Ave Luncheon
202 Broadway Boogie
203 Till The Sun Comes Up
204 Hudson Sunset
205 Downtown Chic
206 Brownie Points

If you have seen this collection before, definitely let me know! I really like some of the shades in this collection and might actually consider going back to pick up one or two shades since I don't really have any brown shades in my collection. Plus I just finished up doing my DIY nail polish rack and was thinking of posting up a nail polish collection. What do you guys think? Would you guys like to see how I store my polishes and what I have in my collection. Let me know!

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