Sunday, August 26, 2012

SPOTTED: Sinful Colors Hot Flash Metallics Nail Polish Collection

Hey everyone! A few days ago, I went to Walgreens to see what they had on sale. For some reason, I haven't been getting their weekly advertisments in the mail for months anymore. I don't know why but that sucks since I sometimes end up missing out on their sales, either because I forget to check out their sales on their website or because I don't have time to visit a store to get their weekly ad. Since I was there, I decided to check to see if they had any new displays. Let me just say that the Walgreens by my house sucks with bringing out new displays. They are always late with new products. Plus sometimes they would put the new products in the actual shelves with the core products and put the old products into the slots of the new displays (for example, this Walgreens constantly does that with Sally Hansen nail polishes). Its pretty annoying, especially when I see a new display and turn on my camera only to realize that the products in the new display are old. Please let me know if your Walgreens store does that too.

Anywho, the new display that I spotted was this Sinful Colors Hot Flash Metallics collection. I don't know if these are old shades that Sinful Colors is trying to repromote since they tend to do that frequently. Let me just say straightout, that I wasn't even sure if I was going to post this with all the controversary about Sinful Colors stealing bloggers' pictures and taking credit for them. If you haven't heard about this, you can google it because its gotten pretty big. Since I had already edited the pictures, I decided to post them anyways because if I didn't, then it would have been a huge waste of my time editing these pictures. Even though, I don't approve with what Sinful Colors did, I am still going to post up this SPOTTED post.

In this display, there are eight shades. Alll of these shades have metallic finishes, which is definitely in trend this fall. I usually don't really like polishes with metallic finishes because I feel like when they dry on the nails, the finish looks like obvious brush strokes. If you feel the same as well, let me know! The shades in this collection are:
1149 Moss Have
1150 Hot Wired
1148 Super Nova
1147 Heavy Metal
1152 Precious Metal
1151 Zincing Of You
1146 Gone Platinum
1145 Hot Hot Heat

So that is all for this new display. Please let me know if you know if these are new shades or old shades that Sinful Colors is trying to repromote. Also, I would love to hear your thought on the Sinful Colors controversary. How would you guys feel if that happened to you and wha would you guys do once you found out?

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  1. I think these are new, not re-promotes. I'm 95% sure of that but I could be wrong. I bought all besides the red and green. They are all very pretty, not streaky at all. Precious Metal is a new favorite, it's gorgeous.

    1. Yeah I think I read on a blog that these were new shades as well. Thanks for the tip! Oh wow, you bought all of them? I am sure that you will love all the ones that you bought! Thats great that they are not streaky because I hate streaky polishes. Precious Metal is definitely a gorgeous blue metallic so I can see why its your favorite! Enjoy all the polishes that you bought!!


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