Monday, July 16, 2012

SPOTTED: Black Radiance Girls Rock! Nail Polish Collection

Hey everyone! I have been meaning to post this for two weeks now but I just didn't have time. Plus I kept postponing it and doing other stuff. Since its a spotted post, I know that I definitely need to post it right away before it becomes old. I was at Walgreens a while back and saw a new display. I have never tried Black Radiance before but I do know that its either owned by the makers of WnW or is a sister company to WnW. If you definitely know which, please let me know!

(Taken With Flash)

(Taken With Normal Lighting)

I have never seen this display at any other store, except for Walgreens. The nail polishes are being sold for $2.99USD, which is pretty much the same price for LE WnW nail polishes. I don't know if these shades are LE or if they are going to be part of the core collection. At my Walgreens, there is only is little area for Black Radiance cosmetics and there isn't any slots for their nail polishes. This collection is called Girls Rock and it contains polishes with different finishes. It has cremes, shimmers, and glitter polishes. All three are perfect for any nail polish lover!

This collection has six new shades:
➸ 99807 Pretty Girl Rock
➸ 99808 Super Star Status
➸ 99809 Diamond Sparkle
➸ 99805 B-Girl
➸ 99806 Rock Your Radiance
➸ 99804 Swag Rock

IMO, all six polishes are pretty. I really like the ones with the creme finishes. Although the multi-colored glitter one, called Swag Rock, kind of reminds me of a polish by WnW and Milani. I am not saying that its an exact dupe or a dupe of any kind. I am just saying that it reminds me of those polishes. Let me know if you think so too! So that is all for the Girls Rock collection. Definitely let me know if you have seen this new display or if you have tried any polishes from Black Radiance before.

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  1. Just saw this in my local CVS. Love the colors, but I'm not sure of its lasting power yet. Will update when I get around to polishing my nails!

    1. Yes, please definitely let me know how you end up liking these. I would love to hear your opinion!


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